Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy Sam and Jodi is a fun way to start the day. Murphy and Jodi are married, Sam is the guy that stirs things up. It's real life, it's fun,...Full Bio

After The Show PODCAST: Looky who needs to lose 20 lbs.

Sam's upcoming special date / How to get an IV on the first try / How to make any party a THEMED one

Sam's upcoming special date with a special lady!

How to get an IV in on the first try.  

How to make any party a THEMED one.  

After The Show PODCAST: Murphy the Muggle.

Murphy has some questions about Jodi's latest series binge.

What's twice as effective as antidepressants / Dognapping is on the rise / President's Day

Tell you what's twice as effective as antidepressants!  

Dognapping is on the rise. But what kind of dogs are being stolen??

President's Day.

The Weekend Replay PODCAST: 4 things happy couples do / Is the Choco Taco back? / Dating app scams

4 things happy couples do!

Is the Choco Taco back?

Dating app scams.

After The Show PODCAST: Infusion Confusion.

Jodi's infusion is here, telehealth appointments, and IV sticks.

How many breaks a day do you need? / Grateful Friday / Sam's Friday Favorite

How many breaks a day do you NEED? And how long?

Grateful Friday!  

Sam's Friday Favorite is the NFL's Mic'd Up series from the Super Bowl and he's sharing them.  

After The Show PODCAST: Discounted candy is still sweet.

Guess who's happy to buy Valentine's candy today!? Are you?

Protect yourself from scammers on dating apps / Sam's new entertainment addiction / The Choco Taco is coming back!

Protect yourself on dating apps from scammer bots.  

Sam's new entertainment addiction is SCARY.  

Tell you how the Choco Taco is coming back!  

After The Show PODCAST: Love Is For Everyone.

Conversation hearts, real love, and Sinatra.