Things are getting REAL in Bel Aire

They've been teasing it, and we've been talking about for a while...and it's just about here. In this world of rebooting old movies and TV shows, Will Smith has taken a different approach to revisiting the show that took him from hip hop star to international movie star. Bel-Aire premieres in just a few weeks (February 13th), and looks at the story of a kid, West Philadelphia born and raised from a dramatic lens, unlike of course, the original sitcom.

The new show, which is executive produced by Will Smith, will run on Peacock, the streaming service of NBC. We've got about 4,000 streaming services, but not that one...but looking at this trailer, my wife and might just getting hooked into another one (I really THOUGHT I was going to start saving some money when we cut the cable cord...not so much).

Here's the newest trailer for Bel-Aire.

Photo: Getty

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