What is it like to Fly in this Pandemic World? Here's my experience.

I've taken quite a few flights since mid March.

Some for family reasons, some for fun, and some for work. And I LOVE BEING BACK IN THE AIR!

Pre-pandemic I was travelling at least once a month. And now that I am vaccinated, I'm all for jumping back in But there are a few things that have changed.

The Mask. Just be prepared to wear it from when you walk in the door, to when you walk out at your destination. My longest flight was 5 and 1/2 hours... and honestly, you just get used to it.

Time. Build in some extra time in case security gets a little wacky. As more people travel, TSA is staffing up more... but sometimes, they just can't help it. Be patient. 2

Pack snacks. The service up in the air is lighter than usual. And many of the restaurants at the airport are still closed.

Be kind. EVERYONE is tired of the precautions, especially the airport and airlines staff. It's a needed thing right now, but so is patience and kindness. We are all in the together.

Focus. Keep thinking about where you are travelling to and how fun it will be when you get there. Eye on the prize!

Wherever you are off to, SAFE TRAVELS!

~Jana xo

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