Meet The NEW Sweethearts Candy Words of Encouragement

Valentine's Day is all about spreading love and Sweethearts candy wants everyone to feel loved.

The 2022 theme aims to show consumers just how special they are – from teachers, mentors, and coaches, to family, friends, and teammates.

They've added new words of encouragement to their iconic heart-shaped candy!

This year look out for these 16 new words of encouragement in your box of Sweethearts:

  • "Proud of U"
  • "Youda best"
  • "Fear less"
  • "Superstar"
  • "Big fan"
  • "Don't quit"
  • "Be you"
  • "Crush it"
  • "Go 4 it"
  • "Chin up"
  • "Push thru"
  • "Way to go"
  • "Good job"
  • "U got this"
  • "Go time"
  • "High five"

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