Tips From A Listener On How To Effectively Work From Home

Nick Pagliochini's Work Station At Home!

Nick Pagliochini's Work Station At Home!

In light of recent events, Austin from Santa Ana, CA called in to share his best practices when working from home.

He's had a solid gig working from home prior to all of this and shared these amazing tips:

  1. Set dedicated hours & stick to your routine as best as you can.
  2. Schedule breaks for yourself... Get up and move around. The human body was meant to move. Work from the couch, the table, and a desk. Don’t let yourself settle into one place. Walk at least a little bit each hour.
  3. Stay hydrated. You likely have a hydration habit that is different at home than your place of work. Keep a bottle of water nearby and drink it.
  4. Media is your best friend and worst enemy. If you’re used to a noisy work environment put on some background noise. Star Trek and West Wing are my go-to shows, but The Office, Parks and Rec and such are excellent as well.
  5. Just because you are stuck home doesn’t mean you are stuck inside. Sunshine and fresh air are good for the soul. Take your dog for a walk, work from your porch, check the mail.
  6. Friendly reminder, please continue to brush your teeth! Also, make sure you change your toothbrush out. Now's a good time to do so!

Stay safe friends and #flattenthecurve.

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