What's the Secret to a Happy Marriage?

When kids get in their teen years most parents start dreaming of they day they’ll be out of the house and on their own, but it seems most teens don’t see that happening all that fast. In fact, a new survey by Junior Achievement and Citizens Bank finds that over 30% of teens don’t expect to be financially independent of their parents by the time they reach 30. That’s right – 30!

Overall, not having to rely on their parents or caregivers for money is the top financial goal of 53% of teens, although getting a full-time job is their biggest goal (62%), followed by graduating from a four-year college (59%). As for their biggest financial worries, paying for college is their biggest fear (47%), followed by not being able to live on their own (45%), paying taxes (43%) and finding a fulfilling, well-paying job (40%).

But it’s not all bad news.The poll finds that by the age of 30, 74% of teens believe they will own their own car, while 60% think they will own their own home. What’s more, 44% think they’ll start saving for retirement, and another 43% say they will have their college loans paid off. 

Source:Junior Achievement

There’s no shortage of pointers out there for how to have a happy marriage, we’ve all heard that you should never go to bed angry and how important date nights are. But if you want to know what the key to a long-lasting marriage is, the leading expert may be 100-year-old Willie Williams. She’s been married to husband D.W. Williams for 82 years now and is happy to share her secret to making it last.

The North Carolina women recently celebrated her joint birthdays with her hubby - who just turned 103 - at a party in Charlotte where she revealed that kindness is the key to her longevity with D.W. Willie explains, “Just be nice to each other.”

This couple has lived through a lot - from the Great Depression to the Civil Rights movement, but they still remember meeting in South Carolina way back in 1937. D.W. says, “She was good looking!” And his wife thought he was too, adding: “He was handsome at 30.”

Willie says they’ve “never been the type to fuss and fight,” and adds that they “just find funny things to talk about.” Sounds so simple, but it’s definitely working for this couple.


It’s no secret that there are a lot of people who don’t necessarily have the healthiest diets, and while we all know that’s not good, not many people are doing anything to change things. Well, maybe this new statistic will knock some sense into folks. 

A new study published in the journal “Lancet” reveals that one in five deaths worldwide can be blamed on poor diet, which translates to 11 million deaths a year. Not scary enough? Well, that statistic is higher than deaths attributed to tobacco and high blood pressure.

Overall, the study, which looked at food consumption trends in 195 countries from 1990 to 2017, found that of the 11 million deaths in 2017, 10 million were from heart disease, 913,000 were the result of obesity-related cancers and 339,000 were from type-2 diabetes. What’s more, more than half of all diet-related deaths around the world could be blamed on diets high in sodium, and low in whole grains and fruit.

  • As for which countries have the best diets, Israel has the lowest amount of deaths due to poor diets, while Uzbekistan has the highest. As for the U.S., it landed at 43 out of 195.
  • But it isn’t necessarily that all these deaths due to poor diet are because we’re stuffing our faces with fatty and sugary foods. In fact, the study found that more deaths were the result of not eating enough healthy foods, rather than eating too many unhealthy ones. 

Source:CBS News

f you want to find the key to happiness, you may want to start by breaking a sweat. According to anew studyfrom Yale and Oxford University, exercise may be more important than money when it comes to mental health.

For the study, researchers collected information about the physical behavior and mental health of over 1.2-million Americans. Participants were asked: “How many times have you felt mentally unwell in the past 30 days, for example due to stress, depression, or emotional problems?” They also provided info about their income and how active they were, and were able to choose from 75 different activities that count as exercise, including lawn care, housework, and more traditional workouts like running.

Scientists found that folks who exercise regularly reported feeling bad about 35 days a year, compared to the non-active participants that had an additional 18 bad days a year. And they also found that people who are physically active feel as good as those who don’t exercise in some way, but earn $25,000 a year more.

But don’t go thinking you can devote your life to working out all the time and be the happiest person in the world. It turns out, too much physical activity can lead to the opposite effect. The study finds that the sweet spot for sweat sessions is three to five a week, each lasting about 45 minutes.


Do you ever get jealous when you’re at a barbecue and you see all the kids having fun in an inflatable pool while you sit around sweating and making small talk? Well, Target has a solution to your problem.

The big box store is now selling inflatable pools for adults. That’s right, the company Minnidip has come out with a collection of blowup backyard pools which hold three adults comfortably and only cost $39.99. The are five-feet wide and 1.5 feet tall, and are double the thickness of a standard inflatable kiddie pool. Plus, they are easy to inflate, using either a standard air pump or a hair dryer, and they come with a repair patch and a 90-day warranty.

“No longer will those looking to cool off on hot days have to completely ruin the beauty of stylish decor with sad blue inflatable pools covered in cartoon fishes and dolphins!” the company’s website reads. “Say hello to the very first modern inflatable pool!”

And don’t worry, these pools won’t look silly in your backyard. In fact, they are quite stylish, featuring fun designs like colorful fruits, such as lemons and watermelons, geometric prints and tropical leaves.

While Target is selling six different styles of the pool, there is also a premium collection on the company’s website, which sell for a little more money, $60.


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