Life is partly about learning from our mistakes. And everybody makes mistakes. Now some people make much bigger mistakes than others, and I happen to fall into that "some people" category because I have messed up a whole lot in my life. I've made some pretty bad choices that hurt some good people in its wake. 

But here's the promising news: mistakes don't have to sit there like heavy bricks in your lap, piling up into a wall of shame. No. When you can humble yourself enough to admit you've made a mistake, it turns into an opportunity to learn and grow and better yourself, or help so meone else who may need guidance in order to make healthier choices. 

When you correct your mistakes, ask forgiveness when needed, and change your behavior, then you not only shatter that wall of shame that hides your true self, you become armed with experience and knowledge to help others right their wrongs. You become the comeback story, you earn respect for your courage, and you turn into a capable mentor, helping to make this world a better place one individual at a time. 

Your mistakes can become an opportunity for the greater good if you'll welcome it. Something to think about this week...