Today I have to tell you about a little miracle.

Many, many years ago I met a young woman who was somewhat of a free spirit. She had the attitude that nothing was going to tie her down and she didn't want any strings attached to her sort of bohemian lifestyle.

Well, as God would have it, because He has a great sense of humor, He put us together and we became best friends. I already had children and a house and a huge garden and I was always out tilling up more dirt to make a bigger garden. My friend would sit and laugh at me and she thought I was the biggest goof in the world because she had better things to do than sit around the house and tend the garden. And so she would set off to somewhere more exciting.

Then one day, she decided to settle down. She got a house and then God brought a precious angel into her life; she adopted a baby girl. And all of a sudden my friend became Miss Molly Homemaker. She wanted to paint and she wanted moulding and drapes, she wanted furniture and a new fireplace!

More recently, she decided she wanted flowers in her flower bed. She said she wanted her home to be beautiful for her daughter. And since then, my friend Janey has become a master gardener planting flowers everywhere she can...

Has the love for another made you realize you want to envelop that person with beauty, love and joy at all times? In what way has he or she transformed your heart and your ideas? Share your story with me today at or send in a song request for that special someone at 1-888-633-5452.