The Weeknd drops HOW MUCH on his new house?!?

How about dropping a cool $70,000,000 on your new house? When you're one of the most successful singers ever, no problem!

His name is Abel Tesfaye, but you know him as The Weeknd and he just 70 million on a house that was not even actually on the market! According to Forbes, this was the most expensive residental real estate deal this year in Los Angeles.

The house...or I should say, the mega mansion is on the golf course at the prestigious Bel Aire Country Club and features nine bedrooms in it's 33,000-square-feet. It's got a sports court, a spa with sauna, and indoor pool, and outdoor infinity pool with a waterfall, a movie theater, a gym, and a recording studio!

Being a worldwide recording artist that plays the Super Bowl halftime show...not bad work if you can get it!

Photo: Getty

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