Late Night gets its groove back!

In yet another sign that the world is getting back to normal, the late night guys are finally once again opening their studios to audiences. According to the New York Daily News, The Late Show with Steve Colbert is going to have a full in-person audience on June 14th. The article notes this will be the first full studio audience since March 2020.

In statement, Colbert said, "Over the last 437 days, my staff and crew (and family!) have amazed me with their professionalism and creativity as we made shows for an audience we couldn’t see or hear, I look forward to once again doing shows for an audience I can smell and touch".

Across Manhattan, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel will also welcome back its audience early next month. Long before the Pandemic, it was so hard to get a ticket in, I once pull every string I know in this business just to get into the monologue rehearsal. I waited more than an hour to sit in the Tonight Show studio for 10 minutes while Jimmy worked out his jokes for that night!

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