Hope and the start of something new!

As we celebrate the unofficial kickoff summer...it feels so much more than a new season to me. It feels like the start of a new era. As we start to emerge from what has to be the strangest and at times, hardest year and a half of our lives, we've got new reason to be hopeful. A hope is the most important thing in the world! Hope drives us, it gives us strength to keep going, to work hard, and to look toward tomorrow.

For me, as we start a new season of the year, I also start a new season of my life as my wife and I are days away from welcoming our second child, a baby girl, into the world. and my HOPE is that she grows up in a world that is full of love, that is safe, that is accepting.

I HOPE that you spend sometime this weekend thinking about the things for which you are grateful. Think about the ones you love, and of course, on this Memorial Day, the ones that sacrificed everything so we can have HOPE.

I hope you can spend the next few days recharging, refocusing, and reprioritizing.

Thank you so much for listening to my radio show all across the country, it's a labor of love, one that isn't always easy, but I love it and I hope I can provide just a little bit of fun and escape in your day.


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