Things We Just Need to Accept...But Maybe Don't

There are certain facts that would make life easier if folks would only choose to accept them, but unfortunately many people just don’t. As for what those facts are, well folks on Reddit have chimed in.

It all started when someone asked users,What’s a real fact that some people don’t want to accept?,” and social media certainly didn’t hold their tongue.

Facts folks refuse to accept include:

  • “Not everyone is going to like you."
  • “Being right about one thing doesn't make you right about everything."
  • "Everybody thinks they are the hero of their story, even the villains."
  • "Many people don't wash their hands in the bathroom, unless they see someone else in the bathroom."
  • "Just because you're shouting, doesn't mean you're correct."
  • “Trolls don't hate you. They just try to stir you up to get a reaction. If anything they're just bored people who sit behind a screen."
  • "All the Froot Loops are the same flavor."
  • "Life isn't fair, and sometimes bad stuff happens for no reason when you did nothing wrong."
  • “People don't dislike you because you're honest, they dislike you because you're a jerk."
  • "Your belly button used to be your mouth."
  • “Just because they’re family, doesn’t mean they’re nice people."


These days it’s hard to find folks who follow simple rules of etiquette and it’s not going unnoticed by some people. In fact, a whole host of people are sharing their lack of etiquette pet peeves on Reddit, and it sure looks like people are really annoyed.

Someone on the site recently posed the question, “What is a basic rule of etiquette that everyone should know, but not everyone follows?,” and people were more than willing to share their thoughts. 

Lost rules of etiquette include:

  • “Let others off before you get on."
  • "When walking with several friends on a sidewalk, pair up two by two instead of everyone walking in a row so others can pass you on the sidewalk."
  • "Headphones aren't optional in a public space. No one wants to hear your music or your video clips playing."
  • "You don’t always have to have an opinion on everything. Saying 'I don’t know' is fine."
  • "When someone is showing you a picture on their phone, you should not swipe left or right."
  • “Don't touch people unless they say it's OK."
  • "Wash your damn hands after using the bathroom."
  • "Don't piss all over the toilet seats of public bathrooms."
  • “When staying as a guest with friends/family, pick up after yourself, help clean the dishes, and offer to buy them a meal or some beer to say thank you."
  • “Do not give out someone else's number without their permission."
  • "Cover. Your. Mouth. When. You. SNEEZE."
  • "Don’t talk on the phone while in a restroom stall." 

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While there may be plenty of people who still don’t get the doctor recommended amount of sleep each night, the truth is we all really do spend a lot of our lifetimes in bed. In fact, a new survey just calculated how many hours folks spend in bed throughout their lifetime and the number is pretty astonishing. 

According to a poll by OneCloud, when you calculate the amount of hours folks sleep a night, around seven, along with the average amount they watch TV in bed, about four hours every day, Americans spend about 11 hours a day in bed, which translates to about 36 years over the course of a lifetime.

And considering how much we are all in our beds, it’s important to have a good one, but it seems a lot of folks aren't happy with theirs. The poll finds only 53% of Americans say they really like their bed, with 75% saying their bed could actually be more comfortable. What’s more, only 50% of folks say their bed has a positive effect on their sleep, with 40% saying they’ve actually left and slept somewhere else because they couldn’t get a good night’s sleep in their bed.

So, why would people put up with uncomfortable beds? Well, apparently appearance is mostly to blame, with 35% of people saying style is more important than comfort to them when choosing a bed.

Source:SWNS Digital

The lengths parents will go to in order to get their kids into a good college has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to the recent college admissions scandal, but it seems college isn’t the only place parents are going to extremes to insure their kids get in. According to a report in the “New York Post,” some rich parents are resorting to bribery in order to guarantee their kid get into a good summer camp.

While summer camp is usually a fun time for most kids, for parents it’s rather stressful, since spots can be limited, and they fill up fast. And some parents just don’t want to risk their kid losing out so they’ll resort to offering counselors, and even other parents, hundreds of dollars to secure their kids a spot. 

“I’ve had everything from parents bribing me with money or free services if they own a local business, to parents finding out who is signed up already and trying to convince those parents to take their kids out, in order to free space so they can sign up,” counselorChristopher Tuccisays, “I had a parent in line, offer the parent in front of them $100 to change places on the line.”

  • And even before the bribery, summer camp will likely set parents back a lot. The average cost of day camp is $314 a week, while sleep away camp can cost anywhere from $768 a week, to as much as $1,500. There are also plenty of camps that specialize in things like STEM, robotics and more, which can cost up to $1,000 a week. Some camps will offer discounted rates to campers in need, but those spots are even more limited than the regular ones.
  • Just how hard is it to get your kid into a good summer camp? Well, just as an example, registration for Recreation Summer Camp in Summit, New Jersey, opened in early January and there are already more than 50 people on the waiting list. According to an office assistant at the camp, when registration went live at 8:30 in the morning, spots were gone in two hours. And subsidized spots go even faster. One woman said her town’s local camp had only 12 of those discounted spots available, and she missed out. 

Source:New York Post

Now that it’s officially spring again, that means wedding season is right around the corner. But this year when the invitations to your nearest and dearest loved ones’ weddings start rolling in, there’s something you should keep in mind: Cinnabon nowdoes catering, including for weddings. And that means that your cousin’s boring wedding that you didn’t even want to go to could actually be a pretty nice way to spend a Saturday because it could the newlyweds may have chosen to have Cinnabon cinnamon rolls as their wedding desserts and you really can have nice things.

The company just announced their brand-new catering options, which will cover all kinds of events, including weddings. But we could get lucky at other occasions and be treated to Cinnabon at baby showers, bachelorette parties, and maybe even office meetings. And you know all those events would be better if they included goodies like the Classic Roll, MiniBon, BonBites, CinnaSweeties, and Cinnabon Stix. We don’t even know what some of those things are, but they’re bound to be dough covered in sugar, so we’re in.

Source:The Knot

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