Quit You Job Creatively

If it’s time to quit your job because you have a life change, simply want to move on, or can’t stand your boss or job, giving the basic two-week notice may not be enough.

To that end, some people get hilariously creative about resigning and “Ninja Journalist” has found some fantastic examples of work goodbyes. They’re so good that it may even inspire you, should the time arise for you to exit your workplace.

These soon-to-be classics are simple and snarky, two of our favorite characteristics.

  • One guy drew a picture of a dinosaur, named it quitmyjobosaurus, and wrote “This is a drawing of a dinosaur. It is also my two week notice. A fast food worker opted to make his exit public by using an outdoor Wendy’s sign to write “Greg I quit. Now that’s better.” We’re guessing there was no two weeks there!
  • One man went all out and created a memorial card. Instead of dating it with birth and death, it was the start and end dates of his job. The cover had a nice photo of him in his work uniform.
  • In an unhappy work uncoupling, a retail worker decided to share his decision by inserting two lines on an appliance price tag. Mixed in with the item details and price were the words “I’m quitting today” and “My boss is a p***k.”
  • We bow to the master who used his computer savvy to create a website popup. The worker gave his boss the option to renegotiate, Ignore, of click HR to find out how badly the boss messed up.

See other creative ways people have quitHERE.

Source:Ninja Journalist

Every mom has a “catchphrase” and we know them by heart. Sometimes we laugh at them and sometimes they come in handy. Reddit user iceshard1232asked “What’s your mom's catchphrase?” and the response was crazy.

Here are some of our favorites. (Can you relate?)

  • “Let me tell you a trick I used in the Army.” Note: this guy’s mom was NOT in the Army, ever.
  • “Are your ears painted on?”
  • “The world is round, we’ll get there eventually.”
  • One commenter said his mom didn’t have a catchphrase, but she used “the look” a lot.
  • “Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my mine.”
  • “When was the last time you pooped?”
  • “What do you think you are, just a souvenir of a good time?”
  • “Copernicus called! You're not the center of the universe!”
  • "Are you bleeding? Are you broken? Are you dead? You're fine."
  • “Always remember your 6 P’s: Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance. It applies to absolutely everything.”


Unique drink combinations are trendy these days, but there’s one that is causing a major debate online. Milk Coke is actually a thing. It’s two-thirds coke and a third whole milk. No kidding. Back in the 70s anyone who watched “Laverne and Shirley” no doubt tried milk and Pepsi. While that was definitely not palate pleasing, the internet is split on Milk Coke.

Comedy writerJim Felton tarted the commotion when tweeting the concoction and him drinking it. He stated “Milk coke is a real thing. Brummies love it. We can all move on from this discussion now. I will be taking no further questions.”

The reaction ranged from comparing it to a Coke float, to being curious, and flat out calling it appalling. When tweeters gave it a try… they overwhelmingly liked it. You have the recipe, give it a shot!

 Source: Women's Health

If you love Elf on the Shelf and wish his magic didn’t end with Christmas, then you’re going to love the Peep on a Perch. It’s like the Elf, but for Easter, so it’s supposed to inspire good behavior in children as the holiday approaches.

The little plush yellow Peep sits on a shelf to watch over the kiddos and it comes with a book that explains how Peep helps the Easter Bunny decorate eggs and fill baskets every year. The idea is that kids will be more aware of using good manners, being helpful around the house, and being kind and the more kindness the Peep sees, the happier it gets. And an upside for parents? Unlike that Elf on the Shelf, this cute little bird that looks just like the marshmallow Peeps is meant to be played with and held, so you don’t have to worry about little hands wanting to touch it.


We know it’s expensive to raise a child, but it doesn’t have to mean going broke. According to the most recent data from theDepartment of Agriculture, a middle-income married couple in 2015 typically would spend between $12,350 and $13,900 each year on their kid, which adds up to a staggering $233,610 from birth to 17! But there are plenty of ways to cut that number way down, without sacrificing your child’s upbringing. Here’s how to cut your kid budget and hold onto your savings.

  • Buy used whenever you can- You probably don’t want to get a crib or car seat used because you won’t know about recalls and older products may not meet modern safety standards, but with toys, bikes, sporting equipment, and clothing, there’s no reason not to get things secondhand and save where you can.
  • Skip the unnecessary stuff- Don’t fall for all the marketing, babies really don’t need all that stuff and older kids don’t either. Keep this in mind before you buy a baby wipe warmer, kids-only tablet, or another toy and it’ll help you avoid some of the clutter.
  • Limit extracurriculars and take advantage of free activities- Kids today really are overscheduled and they don’t have as much time to just be children, use their imaginations and just play. So save by limiting after-school activities to one at a time or only things your little one is really passionate about.
  • Skip the big blowout birthday parties- Social media would have us believe we need to throw a huge birthday bash that costs a fortune to celebrate our child, but you don’t need a petting zoo or an amusement park for a kid to have a fun birthday party, your backyard, some games, and a cake can be more fun than an expensive extravaganza.
  • Help kids learn to budget- Teach your kiddos that they can’t have everything they want because money doesn’t grow on trees. As they get older, help them learn to prioritize and limit spending, so they understand how to budget money and make trade-offs so they get it.

Source:USA Today

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