What Are The Most and Least Stressful Jobs?

When you ask most people they’ll probably tell you their work is pretty stressful. In fact, according to a new Career Cast poll, out of a ten-point scale, 78% of people would rate their job stress level at a seven or higher, which is up from 69% in 2017. As for the things causing the most stress, 38% of people say it’s meeting deadlines, while 14% say it’s growth potential and interacting with the public. 

So, what are the most stressful jobs out there? Well, CareerCast has analyzed careers based on 11 stress factors like physical demands, deadlines, hazards, public interaction and more to determine their 2019 Most Stressful Jobs list.

It’s probably not that surprising to hear that jobs at the top of the list have workers risking their lives on a daily basis:

2019 Most Stressful Jobs (stress score)

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel, 72.58
  2. Firefighter, 72.38
  3. Airline Pilot, 61.2
  4. Police Officer, 51.9
  5. Broadcaster, 51.27
  6. Event Coordinator, 51.19
  7. News Reporter, 49.95
  8. Public Relations Executive, 49.47
  9. Corporate Executive (Senior), 48.97
  10. Taxi Driver, 48.16

2019 Least Stressful Jobs 

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, 5.06
  2. Compliance Officer, 5.76
  3. Hair Stylist, 6.72
  4. Audiologist, 7.28
  5. University Professor, 8.42
  6. Medical Records Technician, 8.52
  7. Jeweler, 9.0
  8. Operations Research Analyst, 9.09
  9. Pharmacy Technician, 9.19
  10. Massage Therapist, 10.38


It doesn’t take a lot to bring a smile to people’s faces, and now a new poll reveals what folks consider some of life’s simplest pleasures, and for a lot of people all it takes is a little vino.

A new survey, conducted by winemakers JaM Cellars (so let’s take this with a grain of salt), finds that for 65% of people wine is one of life’s best little luxuries, topping such pleasures as being home to watch your favorite TV shows (56%) and a home-cooked meal (55%).

Top Ten Life’s Little Pleasures

  1. Drinking wine (65%)
  2. Being home to watch my favorite TV shows (56%)
  3. Home-cooked meal (55%)
  4. Going shopping for myself (51%)
  5. Reading a book (51%)
  6. A sweet treat (delicious dessert) (50%)
  7. Date night with my partner (49%)
  8. Happy hour with friends (48%)
  9. Taking a leisurely walk outside (47%)
  10. Putting fresh sheets on my bed (46%)

So, how much do people love wine? Well, half or respondents say they drink it at least weekly, while another half drinks wine several times a week. As for the top reasons to drink wine, 67% say it’s for me-time, to relax and unwind, while 49% say fun time with friends is the best reason, 45% say it’s for meal time and celebrations, and another 38% say it’s for holidays.

Source:SWNS Digital

March Madness is less than two weeks away which means a lot of basketball fans will soon be very distracted in the office as they keep track of their brackets. And while you’d think office managers would be annoyed by basketball taking over office time, it seems a lot of them think it’s good for business. 

A new poll by Robert Half finds that 72% of senior managers believe the NCAA basketball tournament has a positive impact on staff morale, with 52% saying it actually results in productivity benefits. In fact many companies go out of their way to incorporate the tournament into office life, with 75% organizing sports-related festivities, like promoting friendly competitions (45%), and encouraging folks to wear team apparel (43%).

Overall managers in Des Moines, Iowa and Indianapolis, Indiana report the biggest morale boosts from the tournament (83%), while those in Miami (65%) and Los Angeles (64%), see the biggest productivity boost.

Of course not everything is positive. The poll finds that 49% of employees say sports distracts them from their work, with males more likely to get distracted than women (64% vs. 33%).

Source:Robert Half

This Friday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and it’s up to us to show the next generation how to honor the day and keep the message going. Little kids probably aren’t ready for a lesson on gender inequality or the wage gap, but these are some fun ways to celebrate the day with kids, while inspiring and educating them.

  • Attend an event -There are marches, concerts, festivals and other events happening all over the world, to find one near you search theInternational Women's Day website.
  • Decorate your child’s room- Hang a framed poster with an inspiring quote from a woman they admire, like this one fromMalala Yousafzai:“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”
  • Make puppets- Teach little ones about women’s history by creating puppets. Print out abody outlineand let kids decorate them to resemble famous females likeFrida KahloandSally Ride, or personal heroes like Grandma.
  • Write a letter- Have your kids think about the amazing women in their lives, from relatives to the librarian to the cashier at the grocery store, and then have the kiddos write one of them a letter or email thanking her for being a super female role model.
  • Take a picture- EyeEm, a partner of International Women’s Day, is holding itsfirst annual photography contest, so break out the cameras. They’re looking for “exciting, engaging images that portray women in real and diverse ways” and you could win a pro photography kit or be featured on their website.
  • Watch a movie- Pick a film about an inspiring or rule-breaking woman to watch with the kiddos. For the little ones, go with something animated, like “Moana” or “Brave,” and for kids a little older, maybe “A Wrinkle in Time” or “Hidden Figures.”
  • Read a book- There are no shortage of books with strong heroines to inspire young minds, including ‘Anne of Green Gables,” and the “Ramona” series. And there are lots of great biographies to check out with real-life women heroes, likeMolly Williams(the first female firefighter) andElizabeth Blackwell(the first woman to become a doctor in America).
  • Wear purple- According to the International Women’s Day site,the color purple symbolizes women.So have your kids put on their favorite purple outfits and stand strong for women.


If your kids buy makeup at Claire’s or Justice, you might want to toss it. The FDA has been testing items from both of the retailers andjust announcedasbestos has been found in at least three of the chains’ makeup products.

Back in 2017, it was first reported that some makeup from Claire’s and Justice may contain asbestos, which prompted Claire’s to voluntarily pull some products and Justice to do a formal recall of 17 products. But now, the FDA warns people not to use eye shadows, compact powders, and contour palettes because they contain an amount of asbestos that’s potentially dangerous to kids’ health.

But Claire’s still refuses to recall these makeup products because it says the test results “show significant errors” and that the items in question have been “extensively tested by multiple independent accredited labs” and found to be safe. So this is basically a he-said, she-said, but it’s the FDA vs. Claire’s. And here’s the thing, if there’s any chance there’s something dangerous in your kid’s makeup - like asbestos - do you really want to risk it just because the store selling it says it’s okay? Better safe than sorry seems like the way to go here.

Source:Scary Mommy

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