Funny Things Kids Have Said to Adults

Anyone who has children, or been around them for an extended period of time, knows that they rarely have a filter and can say some hilarious and often weird things, especially when talking to adults. Well, now some folks are sharing some of those odd things they’ve heard from kids.

Buzzfeed users have shared some of the funniest things they've heard kids say to adults, and it’s bound to get you giggling, at the very least.

Funny things kids have said to adults include:

  • "I once overheard a little girl tell her mother, 'Let’s pretend this stick is a magic wand, and when I wave it everything is beautiful...even you.'”
  • "I was out with my 7-year-old cousin when she said to me, 'I just smelled rotting flesh. Kinda reminded me of my brother's room.'"
  • "A second-grade girl was doodling when I asked her what she was drawing. She smiled and said, 'I'm drawing the devil!'"
  • "I was giving out candy samples when a little boy introduced himself as 'Michael' and proudly stated, 'At home I poop a lot.' I congratulated him and gave him a double sample."
  • "I heard a kid ask, 'Are you a serial killer? Who likes Del Taco?!'”
  • “At lunch, my dad jokingly asked my 3-year-old niece to pass him the giant platter of fruit, and she said, 'I’m sorry, I can’t, I’m too 3!'”
  • “My 5-year-old nephew had a cold and asked me for a drink. When I asked him what he wanted, he replied, 'Dr. Pepper because it's DOCTOR Pepper.'"
  • "On Christmas Eve, my 5-year-old cousin loudly asked, 'When is Jesus coming?' as if he would be joining us for dinner."
  • “At snack time a child opened their juice box, took a giant sip, and went, 'Mmmmhmmm. Nice, cold alcohol.' All of us adults in the room turned to look at the child who said, 'My mom says that all the time when she drinks.'"
  • "The teacher was putting stickers on completed assignments, and when she got to my son, he said, 'No thanks. My work doesn’t need accessories.'” 


It isn’t always easy for dads raising girls. While they can relate to their sons, that’s not always the case with daughters. Well, now some women are sharing some advice for dads, and we bet a lot of gals can relate. 

A recent Reddit thread asked women, “What's something you wish your father knew about girls when you were growing up?,” and the responses are certainly something dads of little girls may want to pay attention to.

Things gals which their father knew about girls growing up include:

  • "Don't act like feminine things are shameful or boring. Don't be the dad who stays out in his car during his daughter's ballet class because sitting with the dance moms is too embarrassing."
  • “The way you treat your wife or girlfriend will teach me how I should expect men to treat me."
  • “It doesn't make you look weak to show affection once in a while. My dad hardly ever hugged us or said he loved us."
  • "I wish he knew not to use plain rubber bands as hair ties. That hurt!"
  • "Don’t make comments about your daughter's body. Overweight? Getting breasts? Don’t make snide comments. It’s hurtful to young girls and women."
  • "Don't just assume your daughter won't be interested in your activities because they aren't stereotypically girly or because once, as a small child, she didn't want to do them."
  • "You're allowed to think my boyfriend or girlfriend is cool. You don't have to try to intimidate them. They're not here to hurt me.”
  • "We can be angry without it being hormones."
  • “The tighter the leash, the farther I'll drift."


These days it seems like a new subscription service is popping up every day, and it turns out there’s good reason for that. It seems, according to a new survey, subscription services, like Birchbox, Stitch Fix or even Dollar Shave Club, are gaining in popularity.

A new poll by First Insight finds that 25% of consumers currently subscribe to some sort of subscription service, while another 32% plan to join one in the next six months. Surprisingly, men seem to be a little more into these services, with 28% of men signed up for one, as compared to 22% of women. What’s more, 35% of men say they plan to begin subscribing to one soon, while only 29% of women say the same.

Of course age does also play a role in folks’ interest in such services, with the younger generation more likely to be getting packages delivered to their door. In fact, 31% of Millennials currently pay for a subscription service, while another 38% plan to get one in the next six months. As for older folks, only 8% of Baby Boomers are subscribers, with another 22% planning to join. 

  • And it seems all of this interest is likely because these days most people just don’t go shopping like they used to. While folks used to hit a store or the mall simply to browse, the poll finds that 73% of men and 69% of women only go to a brick and mortar store when they actually need to pick up a specific item.

Source:USA Today

There are lots of great things to look forward to in March, from St. Patrick’s Day to a new season of “Arrested Development.” While we will lose an hour of sleep when Daylight Saving time springs us forward on March 10th, it’s also the beginning of spring this month! And these are some trends that we can expect to see more of in March.

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  • '90s Hair- Barrettes, bobs, and other hair trends from the 1990s are back in style. But if you’re not ready to go all in with butterfly clips just yet, try easing in by leaving a few face-framing tendrils out of your ponytail.
  • Hot pink- Bright pink is having a moment, which you probably noticed if you watched the Oscars. Apparently, fuchsia is the new millennial pink.
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  • Western Boots- But these aren’t your average cowgirl boots, they’ve got detailed stitching, a pointed toe, and come in fun colors like silver metallic.
  • Existential Comedy- Shows like “Russian Doll,” “Miracle Workers,” and “Maniac” are funny depictions of life, death, and what happens in-between, and they’re definitely having a moment.


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