Do You Regret Buying Your Home?

Buying a home is a big deal, so it only makes sense that some folks may regret their purchase once it goes through. But it seems more than just a few folks have second thoughts once they sign on the dotted line.

A new Bankrate survey finds that 44% of folks have some regrets about their current home purchase, but that number goes up to 63% for millennial homeowners. As for their biggest regrets, for 18% of homeowners it’s the unexpected maintenance or hidden costs of a home, something 25% of millennial homeowners name as their top regret.

Other home buying regrets include:

  • Bought too small of a house (12%)
  • It’s in a bad location (8%)
  • Don’t think it’s a good investment (7%)
  • Mortgage is too high (7%)
  • Didn’t get the best mortgage rate (6%)
  • Bought too big of a house (5%)

But even though some folks have regrets, most people still aspire to own their own home one day. In fact 79% of folks believe owning a home is the biggest symbol of the American Dream, more than retirement (68%) and having a successful career (63%). 


A lot of folks have fond memories of going on vacation with their family as a kid, and it seems a lot of moms and dads are trying to recreate those memories with their own kids.

A new survey finds that 70% of parents say they’ve tried to recreate vacations from their childhood for their own children, with 59% taking their kids to a place they traveled to as a child, 51% doing the same activities and 46% going to restaurants from their younger days.

But that’s not the only way parents try to recreate their past vacations. The poll finds 45% will go so far as to recreate photos with their children, while 41 % will stay in the same hotels as when they were a kid, while others will do quirky activities like setting up treasure hunts or going on adventures.

  • Creating such family memories may be the reason why 51% of people say they have a traditional family destination they go to every year, while 39% will do a traditional yearly activity. Top destinations for these yearly trips include the beach (67%), amusement parks (57%) and national parks (55%).
  • Part of this nostalgia is fueling some families to take multigenerational trips, which are reportedly on the rise. In fact, 68% of people say it’s easier to be nostalgic on a trip when their own parents are with them, and another 68% say they actually enjoy their vacation more when their parents join them.

Source:SWNS Digital

When it comes to food, most of us probably have some strange eating habits that we’re ashamed to admit to people. There are plenty of folks who will combine some foods that don’t seem to belong together, yet to them they taste perfectly delicious, and now some people are owning up to those odd combos.

A bunch of folks recently shared with Buzzfeed some of their favorite, yet odd, food combinations, and depending on who you are it may have you gagging, or possibly willing to give the a try.

Odd food combinations include:

  • Hummus & tamales
  • Strawberries & black pepper
  • Churros & sour cream
  • French fries with ranch and maple syrup
  • Peanut butter and Cheetos sandwiches
  • Grilled cheese with peanut butter OR jelly/jam. Or maybe even both
  • Chocolate ice cream with wasabi
  • Vanilla ice cream with lemon juice
  • Cheetos Puffs dipped in tomato soup
  • Popcorn and honey mustard dipping sauce
  • Cream cheese and pizza.
  • Funnel cake with nacho cheese.
  • Cheez-Its and Craisins


How long has it been since you and your besties took a trip? The answer is most likely “too long ago” and it’s time to do something about that because according to science, girls’ trips are great for your mental health.

Not only would a weekend away with your best friends give you a welcome break from the stresses of daily life, onestudyhas found spending time with friends boosts the production of oxytocin, the so-called “love” hormone. Oxytocin is released when we’re in positive social situations and makes us feel trusting and happy, so it offsets depressed and anxious feelings.

And if you need more reasons to pack your bags with your BFFs, science has them. Having friends who will take a vacation with you can also help you live longer.has shown that not having social relationships can shorten a lifespan and even worse? According to one research study, a lack of social connections is as bad for our health as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day!

So all of this means we all need some girlfriend getaway time ASAP. If you’ve been thinking about meeting up with your besties for a girls’ weekend, science says you really should.

Source:Scary Mommy

Being a parent is definitely hard work, but research finds that making a marriage work is actually twice as stressful as raising a family. A study from the University of Padova in Italy reveals that 75% of female participants report that they end up doing most of the parenting and household duties.

Researcher Dr. Caterina Trevisan says having a wife may have benefits for men in terms of household management and healthcare, but on the flip side, women are "more likely to feel stressed and find their role restrictive and frustrating.” And since women tend to live longer than men, married women often also have the stress of becoming caregivers for their partners later in life.

Widows have been found to cope better than widowers when their spouses pass away because men tend to rely on their wives more heavily. Studies have shown that women are able to handle the stress of losing a partner better, which researchers believe is because they’re better at expressing their emotions and have better coping skills. All of this helps explain why women who lose their husbands have less stress than women with living spouses and how they may actually get healthier after becoming widows.

Source:Marie Claire

Feeling guilty because you don’t have a big spring break vacation planned for your family? Don’t! Lots of families are opting to stay close to home during school holidays to save money and just because you’re not heading to a far off destination doesn’t mean your kids will be bored. With a little creativity and planning, you can make a staycation so much fun no one will mind being in town and these ideas can get you started.

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter- If your kids are animal lovers, they’ll love getting to spend the day working with them so you can have family fun while giving back.
  • Enroll the kids in camp- Find a fun day camp to keep the little ones active all week.
  • Book a night at a local hotel- Find one with a great pool and pack your bags for a nearby night away from home.
  • Take your kids to work- Check with your boss first, but if you get the thumbs up, your kiddos will have fun checking out where you work all day.
  • Have ice cream for lunch- If you’re always trying to get your kids to eat healthier, surprising them with an ice cream date for lunch will be a really fun treat.
  • Camp in your backyard- Pitch a tent, build a fire, take some camping food and games, and the best part? Your bathroom is just steps away when nature calls.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt- Get some friends involved, split into teams, and take off on an adventure finding clues and be sure to end it with a cool surprise.
  • Host a sleepover- This probably won’t be as much fun for you as it will be for the kids, but one night won’t kill you.
  • Teach them something new- If your child has wanted to learn to play a sport, or the guitar, or learn how to ride a bike, spring break is a great time to make it happen.
  • Give them special one-on-one time- Spend time with each of your kids on their own, so they each get your undivided attention for a day.

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