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Here’s Why You May Want To Consider Having A Roommate

February 21, 2019

Anyone who’s had a roommate knows it isn’t always a pleasant experience, but it turns out there’s a very good reason to suffer through living with someone other than a romantic partner – money. 

According to Hot Pads “Rooms For Rent” Index, folks could save a lot of dough sharing their home or apartment, rather than renting one on their own. In fact, with the average one bedroom home or apartment costing $1,320, and the median price for a single bedroom in a shared space about $805, having a roommate could save folks an average of $515 a month on rent.

Of course, where you live does play a role in how much money you’ll save taking on a roommate. Those living in the most expensive rental areas are likely to save the most, like for example San Francisco and Los Angeles, where they can save as much as $1,000 a month by sharing rent with a roommate, or New York, where they can save $940.

  • There are some areas though where it may not actually be worth the hassle to have a roommate. In Houston, folks only save about $160 a month splitting rent, while those in St. Louis only save about $205.And god knows you could wind up spending more on booze just to be able to deal with the person you’re living with

Source: MarketWatch

Why Folks Spend So Much Money At Trader Joes

February 21, 2019

Any Trader Joe’s fan will tell you, it’s hard to walk out of the store without spending tons of money. So, why exactly do we spend more there than in other stores? Well, one psychologist says it all comes down to choice.

PsychologistBarry Schwartz,author of the book “The Paradox of Choice,” tells Business Insider that Trader Joe’s is successful because they keep things simple and don’t give customers too many choices. While most folks think having a choice from tons of stuff is a good thing, that’s not necessarily true. And Schwartz should know. He’s spent 25 years studying how people make decisions.

“When you give people too many options, they get paralyzed instead of liberated,” he says, noting that instead, Trader Joe’s focuses on quality over quantity, which promotes the message, “You can't have everything but anything we've got is worth having and we make your life simpler.” He adds, “I think Trader Joe's is the best example of how the world should be constructed.”

Source: Business Insider

How Americans Fight Back Against Cold & Flu Season

February 21, 2019

Although spring may not be far off, we are still dealing with a lot of cold weather, which means there’s still plenty of cold and flu going around. Nobody likes to get sick, and according to a new survey, folks are taking every precaution to make sure they don’t get anyone else’s germs on them.

Bradley’s 10th annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey finds that 75% of people admit they step up their hand washing because of virus outbreaks, meaning they not only wash more frequently, but more thoroughly and longer. But hand washing isn’t the only way folks are trying to fight off illness this season. More than half of adults go out of their way to drink more fluids, while many will take the preventative measures like taking vitamin C or zinc (47%), getting more sleep (40%), and avoid touching their face, mouth and nose (34%).

As for what folks do when they get sick, other than whine about it, 61% say they take over-the-counter medicines, while 44% call the doctor and another 19% simply ignore it hoping it will go away. And proving there’s only one person folks want when they’re ill, 12% call their mom.

  • Luckily, when folks are sick it seems many do their best not to pass it on to others. In fact, more than half of those surveyed say they stay home when ill to keep from passing on their germs. In addition they are likely to wash their hands more frequently, sneeze into the crook of their elbow, and avoid shaking hands. 

Other findings from the survey

  • Two thirds of respondents say they “always” wash their hands in public restrooms, while 38% of people say they “frequently” notice others leaving without washing.
  • 56% of Americans would be open to pay toilets if they were guaranteed to be clean, with 45% willing to pay up to a quarter.

 Source: Bradley Corp

The Worst Things Travelers Have Done While Flying

February 21, 2019

There’s no doubt flying these days can be a chore, and while the airlines seem to be going out of their way to make us feel uncomfortable on flights, the real menace lately seems to be other passengers. 

Passenger behavior has been on decline for awhile now, and while the occasional loud or drunken passenger is annoying, there are some travelers who have really done some truly awful stuff.

Well, now Business Insider has come up with a list of some of the worst things passengers have done and you’re probably thanking your lucky stars you weren’t on that flight.

Terrible things passengers have done include:

  • According to actor Michael Rappaport, he stopped a passenger who tried to open an emergency exit on an American Airlines flight while it was mid-air.
  • A 76-year-old woman allegedly threw coins into the engine of her Lucky Air flight for good luck.
  • An AirAsia flight to China returned to Bangkok after a woman reportedly threw scalding hot instant noodles in a flight attendant's face.
  • A man on a China Southern Airlines flight reportedly tried to open a door before takeoff, saying, "The door is not important."
  • On a Hainan Airlines flight in 2016 a first-time flyer allegedly opened the emergency exit door to get some fresh air.
  •  A passenger smearing feces all over the bathroom walls caused a United Airlines flight to Hong Kong was diverted to Alaska.

Source: Business Insider

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