Benefits of the Four Day Work Week

It’s safe to say that most people would love to work only four days a week rather than five, and a new study suggests companies should really think about making the cut.

The study, conducted by academics at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology, focused on New Zealand financial firm Perpetual Guardian, which adopted a four-day work week last November, with employees maintaining their regular salary. And what they found could make the case for giving most employees a three-day weekend.

The study noted that not only was there not a drop in the work that got done, productivity actually increased. What’s more, there was a huge increase in commitment and empowerment of employees, while stress levels decreased 7% from 45% to 38% and folks saw a more positive work-life balance, with scores increasing from 54% to 78%.

  • One employee,Tammy Baker, who was part of the study says she found herself more focused on projects when she was working less, rather than jumping around to different things. She also said she found herself working harder because she had the extra day off to compensate for it.
  • As for what people did with that extra time, the study notes they usually spent it on things they would normally do on the weekend like playing golf or watching Netflix, although some did start adopting new activities, like “spending time with parents,” “spending much-needed time studying,” and “cleaning the house on a Wednesday and then having the weekend free.”

Source:The Guardian

Some people weren’t alive in the dark days before the Internet, but way back then, people used to meet romantic partners through people they knew. In the 1940s, most couples in the U.S. reported meeting their partner through friends, family, or school. But by the 1970s, when more women were working outside the home, there was a rise in the couples who met as coworkers.

Between the late 70s and the early 1990s, one in five couples reported having met at work, but that number is on the decline, according to recent research. A new studyfinds that today, just over 10% of couples say they got together from a workplace romance. So why are fewer people hooking up with coworkers? Online dating. Now about 40% of all American couples meet their partners online.

Sure, dating apps have their downsides, they’re still really popular. But the fact fewer couples are getting involved in workplace romances isn’t a bad thing. Just ask anyone who’s ever been in one that ended badly and they still had to go to work and face their ex every day.


If you come home from work and end up spending the entire evening on the couch watching hours of TV or mindlessly scrolling through social media, you’resonot alone. We have good intentions of being productive when we get home, but our desire to shake off the stress of the workday and relax takes over. But if you’re ready to reclaim your weeknights, try these tips.

  • Rely on a routine- Sticking to a weeknight routine can help you stay focused on what you want to accomplish. Organizing pros suggest spending 10 minutes at the end of the night getting your stuff ready for the next day to make your morning run more smoothly.
  • Ditch your phone at the door- Plug your phone into a charger in a different room when you get home so you’re not tempted to slip down an Instagram rabbit hole and spend hours on social media.
  • Set social media boundaries- If you can’t part with your phone, set a time limit on the apps that suck most of your time. People spend an average of three and a half hours a day on social media, so just think of what you could do with all that time instead.
  • Stay in your work clothes- It’s harder to lounge and relax when you’re still dressed for the office, so don’t slide into your leggings until you’ve finished the things you want to accomplish.
  • Get a weeknight hobby- Schedule your time after work by signing up for a fitness class, meeting up with friends, or doing anything else you care about to minimize the time you have to binge watch Netflix.
  • Hang a clock on the wall near the TV-If you spend more hours that you care to admit sitting in front of the TV, try moving a clock where you can see it while watching to remind yourself how long you’ve actually been there.

Source:Apartment Therapy

While a lot of people dream of winning the lottery, it turns out for most folks, it wouldn’t take millions of dollars to change their lives. A new survey finds that for the majority of Millennials, the sum of money they would consider to be life changing is just $19,800. What’s more, 22% of that generation say $5,000 or less would make a huge impact on their lives.

And it’s good to hear that should folks get this life-changing money, they wouldn’t use it on frivolous things. In fact, 51% would put it right into savings, while 31% would use it to pay off their credit card debt, 30% would use it to start a business, and 27% would put it towards retirement.

As for why it would take so little to change their lives, it could be because a third of respondents say they aren’t comfortable with their financial situation, with more than half saying they currently live paycheck-to-paycheck.

And it seems most people are optimistic they will indeed see such life-changing money. Overall, 51% of Americans, and 64% of Millennials, expect to be financially comfortable within five years, while 67% say they’ll get that life-changing money within five years either through investments, raises, or consistent savings.

Source:SWNS Digital

There are a lot of important things happening in the world today, but over on Twitter, people are putting aside politics and current events to talk about something surprising: towels. It all started with user @Advil, who asked followers “What is the correct number of towels to own?”

His tweetexplains that he was having a debate with his girlfriend about what the appropriate amount of towels a household of two should have and from there it turned into a massive Twitter debate, because apparently everyone’s got an opinion and they take them very seriously.

Some people think there should be lots of towels, with one user tweetinga couple should own at least 10 bath sheets, 10 bath towels, 10 hand towels, 20 washcloths. That lead to a whole thing because it turns out some people don’t know what a bath sheet is - it’s just a giant towel. Other folks point out that you need to have old or gross towels if you have a dog and some users just threw out random numbers, like 42.

Another user brought up a good point, tweeting, “like it’s a choice instead of just a number you arbitrarily end up with after years of moves, hand-me-downs, and stealing from hotels.”

Someone even joked about it being a class issue, posting, “1% of the world's population owns 90% of the world's towels, and the middle towel class is being squeezed out.” But one guy nailed it with his tweet: “The correct answer is what your significant other wants.”

Source:Elite Daily

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