The Biggest Fights Couples Have About Food

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and while not everyone will walk away from the show a winner, nominees won’t be going home empty handed. That’s because, as usual, all nominees will receive lavish gift bags, and they will be filled with some truly amazing items.

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No matter how happy you and your partner may be, you’re bound to get into an argument now and again, and sometimes that argument can be over what you eat. There are a lot of different reasons you and your boo can get into an fight over food, and new poll reveals the biggest sources of disagreements out there.

The UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds that the biggest food disagreements between couples have to do with what they are going to eat for their meal. In fact, it’s such an issue that couples talk about what they plan to eat for dinner for at least 10 minutes every day, which translates to 61 hours a year. 

But what to eat is far from the only fight folks have over food.Other topics of disagreement include:

  • What time to eat
  • The cook making too much mess / not tidying as they go along
  • Whether someone is interfering in the cooking
  • Whether you should get takeout
  • Whether a meal should include an item the other person doesn't like
  • Who should wash up
  • How spicy a meal should be
  • Who should cook
  • If your meals are too unhealthy 

And while food may seem like a frivolous thing to fight about, it certainly can be a big issue in a relationship. The poll finds that because of such arguments, 12% of unhappy couples wound up eating alone, while 13% refused to cook for their partner. Not only that, because of disagreements over what to eat more than 10% have actually ordered takeout for themselves, and not their partner.

Source:SWNS Digital

Falling in love makes you feel amazing, but it turns out, it could be good for your health, too. A new study finds that women who are in new relationships show an increase in genes that boost immunity, so basically, falling in love can help keep us from catching colds.

The small study was on 47 women who completed weekly questionnaires and had blood taken over two years, depending on their relationship timeline. Only women in new relationships - which they define as seeing someone for less than a month - were eligible. Researchers found those who fell in love over the course of the study had increased activity of the immunity genes, but those who weren’t so lucky in love didn’t.

Lead study author Damian Murray saysthe boost in antiviral genes could be “a kind of proactive response to anticipating future intimate contact” since most viruses are spread from close physical contact. He adds that this increased activity of antiviral genes is also consistent with the way the body prepares for pregnancy and since this study was only on women, he says both ideas are possibilities.


Police want parents to keep close watch over their teens because of a dangerous “48-hour challenge” that’s making its way around the Internet. The challenge encourages teens to go missing for up to two days at a time and gives them points for each social media mention they get while they’re missing. So these “missing” kids are rewarded when their frantic family members ask Facebook friends for help finding them.

Police warn that this is not only dangerous for the kids involved, but it could also get authorities involved and strain resources while there are real emergencies that they should be focusing on. “Whether it's a prank or not, we are going to use the same amount of resources,” explains Officer Simon Drobik, spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department.

Police say anyone caught participating in the “48-hour challenge” could face charges. They’re taking it seriously because other challenges, including the one that had people eating Tide Podsand the one that dared them to try doing things blindfolded, became so popular.


Finding the right venue to say “I do” is an important part of planning a wedding and for one couple in Vermont, it was simple.Joanne and William Boulanger tied the knot at the same place they first met - Walmart.

The newlyweds are both Walmart employees and met at work. They were planning to get married at the local courthouse, but when their personnel manager offered their store in Berlin as a venue, they decided to go for it. The ceremony was going to be held in the employee break room, but at the last minute, they moved it to the store’s floral department, so the fresh flowers made it more festive.

The bride wore black and an assistant manager, who’s also a minister, performed the ceremony and made things official. News of the Walmart wedding has gone viral, but the couple had no idea it would get that much attention. Joanne says, “We were just doing it because it was fast, it was easy, it was convenient.”

The store posted the wedding video to their Facebook page,along with an enticing job offer: “Join our winning team here in Berlin and maybe you’ll find your soulmate too!!”

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