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The Most Romantic Restaurants In The Country

is the restaurant reservation site just came out with their annual list of the 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America, culled from the combined opinions of more than 12-million restaurant reviews for more than 28,000 restaurants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Overall, 32 different states are represented in the Top 100, with Ohio landing the most mentions with nine, followed by Texas with eight, and North Carolina and Virginia with seven. 

Some of the restaurants making this year’s list include:( CLICK HERE for the complete list)

Source: OpenTable

Most People Give Their Partners Failing Grades On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day when you show your S.O. how much they really mean to you, but it turns out not many people are doing a very good job of it. In fact, according to a new Groupon survey, 58% of Americans would give their partner an “F” when it comes to their effort on Valentine’s Day, with only 15% giving their honey an “A.”

So, what do people need to do for their partner to give them a passing grade? Well, for 70% of people getting a gift is still pretty important. Of course, what gift you get them could help boost your grade, and for 58% of people the thing they really want is a dinner out, with chocolate the second most popular gift (50%). Other gifts people want for Valentine’s Day include: 

  • Flowers (46%)
  • A massage (46%)
  • Home cooked meal (39%)
  • Jewelry (36%)
  • A trip to an exotic and/or warm weather locale (31%)
  • A spa package (31%)
  • A staycation at a local hotel (30%)
  • Tickets to a comedy show (26%) 

Interestingly, while you may think it’s gals who are the most critical when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the poll finds the opposite to be true. Believe it or not, more than half of men surveyed say they expect maximum effort from their partners on Valentine’s, while only 36% of women say the same. 

Source: SWNS Digital

Exercising may get you to  eat better

Exercising may get you to eat better: While some people may hit the gym so they can enjoy all their favorite fattening foods with less guilt, it turns out all that exercise may motivate you to change your eating habits. According to a new study out of University of Texas at Austin, regular exercise actually translates to people making healthier food choices. The researchers noted that study participants, who were once sedentary, were more likely to grab fruits and veggies, rather than fried food and soda, after 15 weeks of aerobic workout. Researcher Molly Bray notes it's likely a "combination of conscious and unconscious" actions that lead people to healthier eating, adding they "find they are more capable than they thought, and it enables them to make other healthy changes." Source: New York Post

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