Most of Us are Overspending on Valentine's Day

It’s no secret that these days most children are glued to their phones, but what exactly they are doing on those phones is apparently a mystery to most parents. A new poll finds that 72% of moms and dads have little clue as to what their kids are doing on their mobile devices, with lots of kids taking deliberate steps to keep their parents in the dark.

The survey by Jiminy finds that Instagram is the top social network for kids, and while parents do take steps to follow their children on the social media platform, they probably aren’t really seeing what their children are up to. That’s because 20% of kids admit they have a second Insta account under a different name with content they don’t want their parents to know about.

As for how much time kids are spending on their devices, the survey finds that children between eight and 15 are on their devices an average of 40 hours a week, with 10% on them on for 90 hours a week. Just how bad is that? Well, that’s more time then those kids spend both sleeping and exercising in a given week.

Source: Biz Journals

There’s no better way to impress your honey on Valentine’s Day than with the perfect gif or night out, but it seems a lot of folks are spending way too much to do just that. 

A new poll by Lending Tree finds that most folks plan to spend more than their significant other expects them to spend. Overall, men are expected to spend about $95 on their boo this holiday, while women will spend about $41, yet both genders only expect their honey to spend about $39 on average.

Of course how much a person spends does depend on what stage they are in a relationship. For example, folks who are engaged plan to spend, on average, about $92, while people who are dating will spend about $88 and those who are married will spend about $57. The poll also finds that those who are dating actually only expect their boo to spend about $44, while those who are married expect them to spend about $38. 

  • But not everyone is expecting to get something this Valentine’s Day. In fact, one in three people don’t expect their partners to spend any money on them, while another on in three don’t plan to spend any money on their S.O. That could be why only 41% of people are actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day, while 5% are dreading it, and the remainder don’t really care.
  • As for what people actually want for Valentine’s Day, dining out is the most desired gift (32%), followed by a gift card (29%), with no gift the third-most wanted gift (24%). When it comes to gender, women would prefer a dinner out (36%), followed by flowers (31%) or chocolate or candy (25%), while men would rather their partner cook for them at home (28%), or provide a romantic or erotic experience (23%). 

Source: Yahoo Finance

We love our friends because they get our sense of humor, know to show up with wine after a jerk ghosts you, and always have your back. But Jonathan Fields , author of “How to Live a Good Life,” says your besties can also help you become successful. He explains that friends are “hands down, one of the most important (but most ignored) markers of success.”

But you don’t need hundreds of pals to do it. According to Fields, these are the five different types of friends you need to become your best self:

  • “The Co-Striver” - This friend is also called the “parallel playmate” and it’s someone who is working to achieve something similar to you and going through the same kind of process. This makes them super valuable as someone you can commiserate and vent to since they get it and that can make your bond stronger.
  • “The Champion” - Everyone needs a cheerleader and this is yours. She’s the friend you turn to when you need a self-esteem boost because she believes in you 100% and will be by your side every step of the way.
  • “The Accountant” - This is the pal who holds you responsible. So if you say you’re going to leave your dead-end job, she’s going to check in and remind you of that goal. The Accountant isn’t scared to give tough love or overstepping a boundary.
  • “The Mentor” - Someone who’s more experienced and may have already been through what you’re dealing with is the ideal mentor. This friend will give you advice and help steer you down the right path to reach your goal.
  • “The Community” - These are the friends who make you feel like you belong. They won’t judge you for coming to brunch in your sweats when you’re hungover because they allow you to just be you, no matter what.

Source: PureWow

The month of February has a few things going for it, like Valentine’s Day candy and a long President’s Day weekend. But it’s also a good time to save on stuff you may need that always goes on sale this time of year. This is what the smart shoppers are getting deals on in February.

  • Winter apparel - While we’re freezing outside in the middle of winter, retailers are clearing space for spring dresses and sandals. This means shoppers can save big on cold weather clothing, accessories, and shoes. Need a new coat or boots for the kids? This is the time to buy.
  • Mattresses - They go on sale three times a year and February is one of them. The best deals happen around President’s Day weekend, but com has deals all month long.
  • Presidents’ Day sales - The holiday brings a three-day weekend and deals at lots of stores. Look for the early sales, especially if you’re shopping for home goods, because you can save big on everything from bedding to small kitchen appliances.
  • Tax software - The early bird gets to save on tax-prep software. And filing your taxes sooner means you don’t have to worry about the April deadline.

But there are a few things you should pass on buying this month:

  • Fresh flowers - Valentine’s Day drives prices up, so hold off on fresh blooms.
  • Electronics - There are some good TV deals out there, but most electronics aren’t on sale this time of year.
  • Clothing - You may be tempted because you see new inventory in your favorite shops, but wait until later in the season when prices go down and you can save.

Source: Yahoo

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