What's the 2019 Hair Color of the Year?

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, there are probably a lot of singles out there who wish they weren't. It’s no secret that being single isn’t always easy, but it turns out it may be easier in some parts of the country than in others.

Well, WalletHub set out to determine which states are the best, and worst for singles, judging all 50 states on 28 key indicators of dating-friendliness, breaking them down into three categories opportunities, economics and romance, and fun.

So, if you’re single and looking for love where should you move? Well, apparently Florida, which earns an overall rating of 68.11 out of 100, and ranks at three for both opportunities and romance and fun, although it’s at 34 for economics, which means, while you may find love there, it’s may not come cheap.

The Top Best States For Singles

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. New York
  5. Pennsylvania

On the flipside, you don’t want to be single in West Virginia, which earns an overall score of just 37.07, and lands pretty low on the list for all three categories, especially dating opportunities.

The Worst U.S. States For Singles

  1. West Virginia
  2. Arkansas
  3. North Dakota
  4. Wyoming
  5. Kentucky

Click here to see where your home state falls on the list.

Source: WalletHub

Are you contemplating a new look for 2019? Well, an easy place to start is with your hair color, and if you want the trendiest hair color of the year, L’Oreal Paris has the answer for you.

The company has teamed with “Vogue” to name the 2019 Hair Color of the Year, and believe it or not, it’s Silver. “Not only has silver hair been a top color trend on the runways and it is the 'it' color for women of all ages, we love what the color stands for – it symbolizes charisma, ethereal energy, power, focus and it is beyond chic," Orrea Light, Vice President of L'Oréal Global Marketing Product Development and Beauty Innovation, says.

And if you are looking to go Silver this year, L’Oreal is introducing a new Color of the Year collection so you won't have to go to the salon to be on trend. They offer three different shades, Feria Smokey Silver, Superior Preference Soft Silver Blonde and Colorista Hair Makeup Silver Blue.

Source: Yahoo Finance

You’ve probably heard that the microbiome is important and now scientists have discovered another way our gut health is important to our overall health. The latest research shows an important link between gut bacteria and depression. A study published in Nature Microbiology looked at the microbiomes of 1,000 people who have been clinically diagnosed with depression and found lower levels of two specific types of bacteria.

Even folks taking antidepressants still had lower levels of these important bacteria, which “only strengthens the connection between the strains and our brains.” Previous studies have linked gut health to mental health in animals, but these findings show the link in humans as well.

Study author Jeroen Raes explains that this research “paves the way for treatments in depression,” which could include probiotics in the future. He says we could one day use “cocktails of human-derived bacteria as treatment — bugs as drugs, as they say.”

But proper gut health isn’t just important to the millions of people who have depression, it’s also really important for anyone who wants to optimize their health. Poor gut health can lead to weight gain and zap your energy levels, so if you’ve been feeling a little off, you may want to get your microbiome tested .

Source: Mind Body Green

The first time Paulina Porizkova appeared in the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue was way back in 1983 and now, 36 years later, she’s posing for those pages once again. This will be the 10th time the 53-year-old model has been in the magazine’s famous Swimsuit Issue and she’s probably the only grandmother to do so.

Porizkova says she was surprised to be “the oldest ‘girl’ in the SI stable,” but she knew she couldn’t say no to the offer. Even though she has to “pose in a bikini with a bunch of 20 year olds,” she says it’s both “thrilling and disconcerting.” But just because she’s older, don’t expect to see her posing in more conservative bathing suits. She says they’re the same teeny-weeny bikinis she wore 30 years ago.

But even the seasoned swimsuit model had her reservations about taking part in the 2019 edition, which comes out in May. “Although I am militant about aging women still being sexy and beautiful, I don’t always feel that way,” Porizkova admits. “But refusing was out of the question. I was honored to be invited to break a barrier. I would just have to suck it up, or in , rather, and hope for a photographer who knew his light."

Source: PopSugar

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