Most of Us are Workaholics

These days it’s hard to separate our work life from our home life, which may be why most Americans these days consider themselves workaholics.

A new poll finds that 48% of Americans consider themselves to be workaholics, with 28% saying they work so hard because they have to for financial reasons. Just how much does work seep into our private lives? Well, 58% of workers say they check work email while they are still in bed in the morning, with the average American spending four hours a week working for free, and another four hours thinking about work.

So, how do you know if you’re a workaholic? According to the poll, the top sign is that you prioritize your work before your personal life (54%), followed by worrying about work on a day off (51%). Other signs you’re a workaholic include:

  • Struggling to switch off or actually working while on a vacation (50%)
  • Checking emails in the middle of the night (48%)
  • Being the first person to get to work and last to leave (46%)
  • Feeling pressured or too busy to take annual leave (46%)
  • Working through lunch (45%)
  • Feeling anxious or lost if I don't check in/know what's happening at work (45%)
  • Being told by friends/family I work too much (44%)
  • Checking emails first thing in the morning (39%)

Source: SWNS Digital

No matter how many cups of coffee folks had all day, there’s bound to be that moment in the afternoon where they start to feel their eyes dropping and their head ready to hit the desk. Most workers tend to feel tired usually in the 2:30 to 3 pm range, and there’s good reason for it. 

Basically, a human’s natural sleep-wake cycle is likely to make them feel the need for an nap mid-afternoon. A person’s sleep-wake cycle is driven by two things, their circadian rhythm, or their body’s internal clock, and the sleep-wake homeostasis, which is the biochemical system that makes the body want to sleep based on the amount of elapsed time since it last slept. It’s the ladder that's likely prompting people to want to nod off at work mid-afternoon. 

So what can you do? Sure, a lot of people may reach for another cup of coffee, but there are really some better options to give you the energy you need to complete your day. They include:

  • Get proper sleep – Experts recommend getting at least seven hours of sleep a night, something 40% of Americans don’t do. But if you get that recommended sleep, you’re more likely to be able to fight off that mid-day need for a nap. 
  • Take a walk or stretch – Sitting all day isn’t good for the body, so getting a little cardio in can help wake you up. Either take a 10 to 15 minute walk at lunch, or take five minute stretch break a few times a day. 
  • Eat foods that boost your energy – Instead of that cup of coffee, try eating a lunch that’s well-balanced, plus, high protein snacks like almonds or hard-boiled eggs can give you that midday boost you’ll need.
  • Drink water – Keeping yourself hydrated will help you stay more alert, so grab a tall glass of water instead of that coffee. And even if you think you’ve had a lot of water, drink more.

Source: Insider

If you’re a doughnut lover who dreams of having the tasty treats be a big part of your wedding, you might want to book at ticket to Vegas. Dunkin’ - the chain that recently dropped the “Donuts” part of its name - is taking over a wedding chapel in Las Vegas for one day only to give couples a chance to tie the knot in a doughnut-themed experience.

Dunkin’ will be running things at the Sure Thing , a wedding chapel, on Saturday, February 9th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Couples who come to say “I do” during that window will be surrounded by Dunkin’ decor and “bling,” and they’ll be making things official with an officiant with Dunkin’ pink hair. And of course, there will be doughnuts. The first 100 couples who get married will even get a Dunkin’ doughnut bouquet, which is not only tastier than flowers, but very trendy, too.

Source: The Daily Meal

People say Walt Disney World is the “happiest place on Earth,” but if you’ve ever been there during sweltering summer days with maximum capacity crowds, you might not get that same warm and fuzzy feeling about the theme park. With more than 20 million visitors every year, Disney World is almost always crowded, but when you’re planning a trip, there are some times during the year that are busy than others, and that’s when you want to go.

According to , the least crowded times to visit Mickey Mouse and his friends in Florida in 2019 are:

  • February 1st to 15th; Feb. 22nd to March 1st
  • The last two weeks of August (with the exception of August 31st because of Labor Day weekend)
  • Most of September (except for Labor Day Weekend)
  • Weekdays in the first two weeks of November
  • Weekdays in the first two weeks of December

Holidays and summer months tend to be the busiest times to hit Disney, so you might want to steer clear of making reservations during those times. There are also certain events, like the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival that really draw people in, so if you’re trying to avoid the crowds, keep that in mind.

These are the days when Disney is expected to have the highest attendance, so you might not want to go then:

  • Valentine's Day
  • President's Day weekend (Feb. 15th to 20th)
  • March 9th to April 28th (Spring Break and Easter weekend)
  • Weekends in May (especially Memorial Day weekend)
  • The month of June
  • The month of July (especially the 4th of July weekend)
  • The beginning of August (Aug. 1st to 12th)
  • Labor Day weekend
  • September 27th to 29th
  • Most weekends in October (especially Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend October 31st to November 3rd)
  • Halloween
  • Every weekend in November
  • November 20th- December 1st (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Every weekend in December
  • December 18th, 2019 to January 6th, 2020 (Winter Break)

Source: Town and Country

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