Most Googled Recipes for Sunday's Game!

This weekend a lot of folks will be going to Super Bowl parties, and while some people will actually care about the game, there will plenty of people there just for the food. Now, of course, there’s a good chance there will be wings at your bash, but other offerings may depend on which state you live in. 

So what will folks be eating in each state? Well, in case you missed it, Google Trends has just revealed the most Googled Super Bowl recipes per state, and it seem residents of some states have interesting ideas of what constitutes a good Super Bowl food.

Now you can’t have a Super Bowl party without a good dip, which may be why dip recipes are the most Googled in 12 states, with Buffalo chicken dip the most popular search in eight states alone. Folks in Rhode Island though are searching seven-layer dip recipes and those in Texas want a spinach dip recipe. Oddly, the top Super Bowl recipe searched in Nevada is a vegan cheesy bacon spinach dip, which is just all sorts of wrong.

  • Other odd Super Bowl food choices? They include gluten free pretzels, the most searched recipe of Massachusetts, granola bars, the top choice in Mississippi, fried rice, which is apparently popular in Indiana and something called pea and peppercorn mash, the most searched dish in New Mexico.

Other states’ most googled Super Bowl recipes include:

  • White Chicken Chili – Alabama
  • Pigs in a Blanket – Nebraska and Washington, DC
  • Jalapeño Poppers – Illinois
  • Chicken Wings – Pennsylvania and Arkansas
  • Cake – Florida, Arizona, and Tennessee
  • Banana Bread – Oregon
  • Football cupcakes – Hawaii
  • Baked Chicken Breast – California
  • Irish Stew – Iowa
  • Pizza – Maryland
  • Lasagna – Vermont
  • Nachos – North Dakota and Alaska

Click here to find your home state's most popular recipe. 

Source:  Delish

There’s a good chance when you go to work on Monday you’ll find the office emptier than normal. That’s because a lot of people will likely be out, recovering from too much partying on Super Bowl Sunday.  As we previously told you, a majority of workers say they know someone who called in sick the day after the big game, and now a new report reveals just how bad those absences can get.

A poll conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated finds that 17.2 million employees are likely to skip work this Monday, which is the largest rate of expected post-Super Bowl absenteeism since the group started tracking such absences in 2005. The previous high was in 2016 with 16.5 million workers expected to miss work.

Of those skipping work Monday, about 8-million are taking a pre-approved day off, although 4.7-million plan to call in sick, even though they aren’t sick. And even if folks do come into work, employers are likely not to get a full day out of them, with 22-million employees expected to either come in late (3.1-mil), leave early (6.3-mil), or work remotely from home (12.5-mil).

Luckily, it seems some bosses don’t get too angry when folks skip work after the big game. In fact, the poll finds 62% of senior level execs actually think it’s funny when workers call out sick after the Super Bowl, while only 51% of junior and mid-level employees can find the humor in it.

  • With all this in mind, should companies just start making the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday? Well, it turns out most people don’t think so. Only 32% of workers think it should be a national holiday, although that number goes up to 41% for those 18 to 34.

Source: Kronos

No matter how much we all know we should be putting money away for a rainy day, too many of us are still making poor financial decisions that could come back to haunt us in the future, and a new report reveals just how badly we are all doing when it comes to money.

The survey, conducted by the website Value Penguin, finds that the average person makes about eight bad financial decisions a month, which translates to 91 “financial fails” a year. So, what are our biggest financial fails? Well, the most common is not saving enough money, which 38% of people are guilty of, followed by getting takeout instead of cooking (32%) and spending more than they should (29%). Other financial fails include:

  • Buying new outfits (22%)
  • Buying lunch instead of cooking (22%)
  • Shopping out of boredom (20%)
  • Paying for rarely-used subscriptions (20%)
  • Paying bills late (19%)
  • Spending more than I earn (16%)
  • Getting Ubers/taxis instead of walking (14%)

The poll finds that 59% of people say they're in debt, and of those, 44% had student loans and 74% had credit card debt, with 49% of people saying they wouldn’t be able to pay off their credit card debt today if needed.

  • So, yes, most of us are guilty of overspending, but what are folks spending all that money on? Well, food and eating out is the biggest culprit (54%), followed by online shopping (36%), clothing/shoes (28%), social events (18%) and alcohol (17%). 

Source: SWNS Digital

Being in love is the best and having someone special to share your life with who gets all your jokes and makes everything better is amazing. But some couples feel the need to share every single detail about their romantic life with all 628 of their “friends” online. And as much as we love those guys and love to know things are going well for them and their sweetie, these are the things we need couples to stop sharing on social media.

  • Status updates declaring your love - We get it, you’re head over heels for each other and we’re really happy for you. But do you really need to publicly profess your affection where people feel the need to “like” it?
  • Your text conversations - We don’t get your inside jokes that are only hilarious to you and just don’t find those simple “I miss you” texts as endearing as you do, so please stop uploading screen grabs to Instagram.
  • Passive-aggressive rants about your S.O. - Keep your spat about who left dirty dishes in the sink to yourselves. We don’t want to take sides on that one.
  • An endless feed of couple photos - A photo or two is cute, but if your whole online presence is pics of you and your partner, enough already.
  • Bed selfies - Get a room and keep your private business in there, not on the interwebs, please. There are some things we just don’t want to think about, okay?

Source: PureWow

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