Sunday's Most Ordered Delivery Items

While a lot of people will be going to Super Bowl parties this Sunday, a whole host of other people will be staying at home on their own couch to watch the game. As you can imagine a lot of those people will be ordering in food for the big game, and now a new report reveals what most people will be ordering.

The delivery app Waitr reports that Super Bowl Sunday is one of their Top Five delivery days each year, and we bet most people won’t be surprised at what food is ordered in most. As we previously told you , over 1.3 billion chicken wings will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, so it just makes sense that traditional chicken wings tops the list as the most popular food to order for the big game, while boneless wings comes in second. But there are some food items in the Top Ten that may surprise you, like fried pickles, onion rings and even boiled crawfish.

Top Ten Most Ordered Menu Items On Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Traditional Chicken Wings
  2. Boneless Chicken Wings
  3. French Fries
  4. Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers
  5. Chips & Salsa
  6. Quesadillas
  7. Fried Pickles
  8. Onion Rings
  9. Boiled Crawfish
  10. Cheese Sticks

Source: Market Watch

If you’re someone who has a hard time getting motivated to exercise, even if it means just walking a little, you may want to consider getting a dog, cause apparently they are likely to get you off that couch.

A new survey finds people who own dogs will walk a total of about 870 miles a year just walking their pet. Overall, those with dogs will walk more than 21 miles a week, with 17 of those miles just devoted to their dog walking. That number is pretty huge when you consider those without dogs walk less than 14 miles a week.

It seems most people take their dogs for a walk, on average, nine times a week, with that walk lasting about 34 minutes, or about two miles. This translates into about five hours a week, or 11 days a year, spent just walking their dog.

And all this dog walking is translating into healthier people. About half of dog owners say they’re overall health has improved because of their dog, plus their pooch has helped reduce their stress. And that’s not the only benefit of having a pooch. In fact, 23% of owners say their dog has made them more sociable, and 16% say their pooch keeps them connected to their community.

Source: SWNS Digital

While folks may lose a lot of weight on the KETO diet, it seems there’s a slim chance it may get you in some big trouble with the law. Apparently being on the diet could possibly result in someone failing a breathalyzer test. 

So, how is this possible? Well, it turns out when someone who is in ketosis, which happens with the diet, their liver breaks down fat as fuel, which creates acetone. This can be released through your breath as isopropyl alcohol, and apparently some breathalyzer tests have a problem distinguishing the difference between that and ethanol alcohol. 

According to Alan Wayne Jones , PhD, a professor in forensic technology at Sweden's Linköping University, home based breathalyzer tests probably aren’t all that accurate, and could mix up the two alcohols. However, the breathalyzers that officers carry are more advanced, which means they can tell the difference, although there have been no studies proving that they are completely accurate.

He also points out that if you are drinking and on the Keto diet, there’s no poof that the cop devices would be able to tell the difference.

Source: Delish

If you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolution to get healthy and lose weight, good for you. But if the cold, dark, grey winter days are making it more challenging to meet your goals, you may need a boost. And new research shows that hanging out with your friends can help.

A new study of more than two million people who participate in commercial weight loss programs, like WW (formerly Weight Watchers), finds that the “buddy system” can speed up weight loss. Scientists say the use of peer effects - or the buddy system - provides a sense of support, which really helps us stay motivated and resist temptation, and that’s key to staying on track with weight loss.

Researchers found that when dieters were around their friends who had lost weight, their success stories helped encourage them and spur them on with their own weight loss journey. And you don’t need to be in a commercial weight loss program to get the same results. Buddying up can be done with a friend who has similar weight loss goals, to make hitting the gym and resisting that glass of wine that much easier. Going it alone is tougher, so let one of your besties help make it easier.

Source: Prima

Alexa recently made headlines for helping a kid cheat on homework, but Amazon’s virtual voice assistant can actually be an honest tool to enrich your kids intellectually. Here’s how Alexa can help your little ones academically.

  • Math computations - Alexa can do complex math problems, so if you ask her, “Alexa, what is ⅛ times 2/9?” She’ll give the right answer. Enable skills like Smart Math to boost math knowledge.
  • Dictionary and thesaurus - Your young student can save time by asking Alexa for definitions or synonyms and antonyms instead of looking them up.
  • Learning a foreign language - Alexa can understand English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese on its own, but use the third-party service Daily Dose to work around that. Say, “Alexa, open Daily Dose” to learn one of its 34 different languages.
  • Computer science help - Help boost your child’s computer science skills with one of these Alexa skills. For basic computer quizzes, say, “Alexa, open Computer Fundamentals ." Or for more in-depth computer science knowledge, say, “Alexa, open Computer Trivia .”
  • Science projects - Alexa even has fun science projects for your kiddos using the Busy Hands skill . Just say, “Alexa, open Busy Hands” and you can choose from one of five kid-friendly projects, including Slime Making and Potato Battery.

Source: Cnet

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