We're Bored. A LOT.

While there’s plenty of things out there to help pass the time, whether it’s going to a movie or dinner, reading a book, or even skiing or snowboarding, apparently a lot of Americans areboreda lot of the time.

So just how bored are we? Well, a new survey claims the average adult experiences 131 days of boredom a year. Overall, Americans say 36% of their average week is “not fun/boring/dreaded,” which translates to about 60.48 hours a week. What’s more, 20% of adults say 2018 was less fun than the last three years, with 49% saying it was more stressful than 2017. 

And it seems adulting up is one of the main reasons folks are bored. In fact, 60% of folks say their life is too “grown up,” while 73% miss being a child, for things like being able to spend time with friends (50%), having less responsibilities (52%), and enjoying birthday parties (25%)

  • So what's keeping everyone from having fun? Well, entertainment costs are one of the biggest issues (36%), with Americans spending about $303 a month on fun activities, or about $3,500 a year. Other things stopping the fun include energy levels (32%) and too much work (32%). 

Source: SWNS Digital

No matter how hard we are trying to watch what we eat and stay healthy, there’s always that point in the day when your willpower seems to be down and you feel the need for some sort of snack, and now a new report reveals when exactly that urge will hit. 

A new survey by Blue Diamond Almonds finds that most Americans reach for that afternoon snack at around 2:41 pm. And while that may be the time when folks’ willpower is tested the most, it’s far from the only time they're thinking about food. In fact, the survey finds Americans spend on average four times a day thinking about food, or about 40 minutes per day, which translates into 240 hours over 10 days.

Overall, the survey finds that folks succumb to their cravings about four times a week. So, when that urge to snack comes on, what are people reaching for? Well, for most people, they’ll go right for something sweet (79%), followed by something salty (54%), spicy (45%), savory (40%) or smoky (27%).

As for what American’s crave most, it shouldn’t come as a shock to find that chocolate is the most craved flavor (62%), followed by:

  • Cheese (49%)
  • Strawberry (39%)
  • Bacon (38%)
  • BBQ (34%)
  • Honey (33%)
  • Coconut (30%)
  • Honey mustard (26%)
  • Blueberry (26%)
  • Lemon (26%)

Source: SWNS Digital

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t come anywhere close to meeting a 10,000 step count every day, welcome to the club. But it turns out, that whole magic number of ideal steps we should be taking each and every day could be a bunch of BS.

British journalist and health industry expert Dr. Michael Mosley - the man behind the 5:2 Diet, which led the way for the intermittent fasting trend - has called out the idea that 10,000 steps is the standard we should all hope to achieve. In a recent appearance on Australia’s “ Studio 10 ” TV show, he dropped the steps bombshell.

"It's about activity, not about exercise," Mosley says. "Finding something you can stick to. It could be dancing or walking up the stairs. And I have to tell you this 10,000 steps is complete nonsense.”

But if that’s true, where does this whole 10,000 steps idea come from? Computer science expert Dr. Greg Hager says it started in Japan back in the 1960s. Before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, a company came up with a pedometer device to market to health-conscious types and the product's name translates to 10,000 steps meter. It was a big marketing success and that’s where it all started.

Source: MamaMia

If you’re sweetie isn’t someone who likes chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Chick-Fil-A has the perfect gift for you. The fast food chain is now offering a heart-shaped tray of 30 chicken nuggets, or 10 mini sandwiches, with the price varying depending on the location, although the regular order of chicken nuggets goes for $17.69. The special heart-shaped tin is available through February 14th.

Source: Today

Feeling a little meh as January comes to a close? Starbucks has the fix for your dreary winter mornings with some new additions to their menu. The coffee chain is known for their seasonal drinks, like their new Cinnamon Shortbread Latte that tastes like cookie butter, and now they’re bringing some fresh new foods to us too. Here’s what we can look forward to.

  • Ham, Cheddar, and Pepper Egg Bite - This new sous vide egg dish is made with diced ham, roasted red and green peppers and it’s basically a tiny Denver omelet.
  • Ham & Swiss Panini - Get toasty with the ham, Swiss cheese, and Dijon butter sandwich served on a warm baguette.
  • Red Velvet Loaf Cake - And for the dessert lovers, this vanilla cake swirled with red velvet cake, topped with white chocolate icing will satisfy your sweet tooth. This is the only item that’s not permanent and will sadly only be available for a limited time.
  • Morning Bun - This flaky cinnamon pastry isn’t a new menu item, but it’s now made with an updated recipe, so it may be new and improved now.

Source: Delish

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