While millions of people will be watching Sunday’s Super Bowl just for the fun of it, there are plenty of folks who'll have a lot riding on whether the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams win. That’s because a lot of people will have money on the game.

According to the American Gaming Association, about 10% of Americans say they will bet on this Sunday’s game, which translates to about 22.7 million people, and about $6 billion in bets. Currently only eight states offer legal regulated sports betting, which is why about 1.8 million of those Americans plan to bet illegally through a bookie, with millions more placing a bet illegally through offshore online bookies.

So, who is everyone betting for? Well, the poll finds that 52% of Americans will be putting their money on the Rams to win, while 48% will bet on the Patriots. 

Source: American Gaming Association

Still deciding how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your someone special? There’s still plenty of time to plan something romantic for your sweetie and it doesn’t have to include a bed covered with rose petals and dozens of candles, unless that’s what you guys are into. Little gestures that show your partner you get them are way more intimate than some cliché idea of the ideal date and these ideas may inspire your inner romantic.

  • Recreate your first date ever - Reminisce about the early days of your romance by going on a date like your first one, even if it was at a dive bar, your partner will be happy you remembered.
  • Sit for an Omakase dinner - During an Omakase tasting menu, the chef will create a sushi menu for you and your date using the freshest catches of the day.
  • Have your birth chart read - Go to an expert astrologer to have your natal charts read and see what the stars say about your love.
  • Play “Great British Bake Off” - What’s more romantic than baking some treats and then eating them together?
  • Get a room - If you have roommates, treat your Valentine to a hotel room for the night and enjoy having the whole place to yourselves.
  • Buy a ticket to a random show - Support the arts and feel cultured by seeing a cool new play or checking out a local band.
  • Take a hike - Enjoy an outdoor adventure and a brief digital detox with your sweetie by setting off to hike a nature trail.
  • Snap photos - Find an Instagrammable location nearby or a photo booth and take some Valentine’s Day pictures. You might as well embrace it since you know you’re going to post a Valentine’s Day Instagram anyway.

Source: Refinery 29

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with feeding children day after day knows that no matter how old they are, meal time can be a struggle. We want healthy food, they want whatever they’re into that day and finding that sweet spot in the middle is really tough sometimes. But one dad came up with a smart solution to end the complaining and negotiations with trying to get his children to eat dinner.

Reddit user BabyHooey recently shared a post about his four kids, who are between the ages of 10 and 16, and were making dinner impossible. He says that there are “literally no meals” left he could make because some kids were picky - one hates cheese, one hates chicken - and one has Celiac. He was safe with tacos for a bit, but then one kid decided she was never eating tacos again.

So the dad hung up his dinner cooking apron. He bought the groceries and told the kiddos they were on their own for the evening meal. And for about two weeks, he says they all ate cereal and sandwiches, while he cooked only for his wife and they enjoyed things they like to eat. Then one night, one kid says, “That smells really good, can I have some?”

The dad explains that he only made enough for the two of them, but said he’d be happy to make extra of tomorrow night’s dinner if they wanted some. He says he expected them to ask what he would be making, but instead the kid said, “Yes, please. Anything is better than sandwiches.” He reports all four kids eventually all followed suit and he’s back to cooking for six again, but this time with no complaints from the kiddos. And if they don’t like what he’s cooking, they can go back to cereal or sandwiches.

Source: Delish

A lot of folks experience stress at work, and for women, that could be bad news for their waistline. A new study finds that women who struggle with stress from their jobs, are more likely to gain weight over the next ten to 20 years. As for why, scientists suggest it could be that being so overwhelmed at work could make women feel lazy, and it could also prompt them to overindulge in food that isn’t good for them. Such stress also produces the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for fat around the middle. Interestingly, stress on the job doesn’t seem to have the same effect on man, with the study suggesting it could be because women are also dealing with more responsibility at home, as well as their job. 

Source: Daily Mail

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