How Many Times Do You Laugh Per Day?

While these days it may feel like people are always angry and on edge, it turns out most still find reason to laugh, and they’re doing it quite often each day.

A new survey finds most people laugh about eight times a day, and there are a variety of things that make them chuckle. The most common thing that causes people to laugh is the things their kids say (45%), followed by TV sitcoms (40%). Other things that make people laugh include:

  • Memes/ animal videos (37%)
  • Reality TV (32%)
  • Dad jokes (27%)
  • Knock-knock jokes (25%)
  • Mispronunciations (25%)
  • Bad pictures (24%)
  • Puns (21%)
  • Someone tripping (20%)

The poll was conducted by Snow Teeth Whitening, so they wanted to know how people feel about showing their teeth when they laugh, and many are self-conscious about it. In fact, 57% of people say they cover their mouths when they laugh because they are insecure about their teeth, while 50% will do their best to try to smile with their mouth closed. 

Source: SWNS Digital

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, which means you better start thinking about making plans for the big day or risk angering the one you love. So, what do people expect out of their partner on the most romantic day of the year?

Well, a new poll finds that men and women want some very different things from Valentine’s Day. In fact,  90% of men say they’d be most excited to get intimate on Valentine’s Day, while women would choose a romantic dinner, a weekend getaway, flowers or even chocolate that.

But even though it isn’t as much of a priority for women, intimacy is still something many are planning to give their partners for Valentine’s. While a romantic dinner was the top gift for both men and women (92% vs. 90%), intimate time is a close second for both sexes, 81% of men and 79% of women.

  • Of course many will be giving other gifts as well. For men, other top Valentine’s Day gifts include flowers (81%), chocolate (76%), and jewelry (61%), while women are more likely to be giving chocolate (61%), a weekend getaway (55%) and clothes (55%). And most people do expect to get something in return for their gifts, with 46% saying they are looking forward to getting a little somethin’ somethin’ for their gift. 
  • As for how much folks will be spending this year, 87% of Americans say they don’t spend the most money on their significant others on Valentines. Overall, 25% will spend between $50 and $99, while 22% will spend between $25 and $49, and 20% will spend between $100 and $149.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Ask most workers and they’ll tell you burnout on the job is a real thing, but according to a new poll, many workers don’t feel their offices are doing enough to acknowledge and deal with it.

A survey by University of Phoenix, in connection with January being Mental Wellness Month, reveals that 55% of workers say they experience job burnout. As for signs of burnout, workers say it can include anxiety (67%), fatigue (66%), depression (58%) and anger (55%).

As for what folks are doing to combat such burnout, the answer is not much. In fact, only 34% of employees say they’ve taken a day off for their mental health, as opposed to 61% who have taken off for physical ailments. As for why they don’t take the time, reasons include:

  • The company does not view this as an acceptable reason (46%)
  • People are too busy at work to take time off (39%)
  • Shame or judgment by coworkers (36%)
  • Fear of someone else taking over their responsibilities (35%)
  • Societal stigma around mental health (33%)
  • People take them, they just don't talk about it (26%)

Source: Yahoo Finance

At some point when writing an email, you’ve probably had to deal with a sign-off dilemma. It’s trickier with work emails, since we don’t want to scare off potential clients, or weird out our bosses, or come across as rude. And sometimes that can make figuring out how to end an email more stressful than actually writing the message.

To get some guidance about the best way to close an email, Refinery 29 did some very unscientific research in the form of a Twitter poll. It reveals that people have some strong feelings on the subject of email sign-offs, but what some people prefer, others loathe, so how should we be closing our work emails? Basically, there’s not one certain “right way.” You’ll never please everyone, so aiming for neutral is best - which means no “Love” or “Thanks a million” sign-offs. Always think about your audience and the context of the message first and one of these safe and solid closings will probably work for most work emails.

  • "Best" - It’s one of the most widely used email closings and one of the safest. “Best” is a short version of “Best regards” or “Best wishes” and it’s friendly but professional “without trying too hard.”
  • "Thanks!" - This classic sign-off works with or without the exclamation point and conveys gratitude, professionalism, and friendliness, so when in doubt, go with “Thanks!”
  • "Regards" - When coming across as professional is your main goal, you can’t go wrong with “regards.” It can sound a little stuffy, so if it’s a casual conversation, it may be too formal.
  • "Talk Soon" - This one has a more relaxed tone and implies that you’ll continue to correspond, so it’s a great closing for when you want to keep a conversation going.
  • "Warmly" - While it won’t work for all work emails, it can be appropriate in professional emails because it adds some, well, warmth to what may be an impersonal setting. But only use it of it works with the tone of what you’re saying, and probably not to sign off on a stern message.

Source: Refinery 29

Valentine’s Day is still a couple weeks away, so you still have time to decide what to get for your Valentine, but Aldi is making it easier with one of their new products: chocolate wine. Yes, it’s two of our favorite things combined into one drinkable beverage and it’s hitting stores soon.

So what does chocolate wine taste like exactly? “Dark fruit flavors and decadent dark chocolate unfold,” is how Aldi's website describes the chocolate wine. “Pairs with pastries, biscotti, fruits and desserts.” Makes sense, since it’s basically a dessert itself.

The pretty bottle with the festive red and pink striped label isn’t available in all stores, but will be on shelves at some on January 30th for around $8. But if you want to drink your boozy chocolate this Valentine’s Day, you might want to hurry because Aldi warns that quantities are limited. And while you’re there, pick up some of that heart-shaped cheese we recently told you about, because that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?

Source: Bustle

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