Are You Driving Your Co-Workers Crazy?

It’s no secret that getting a good education is a key to a better future, and in some cases the more education you have, the better that future may be. But it turns out, education isn’t equal around the country, with some states doing a better job than others at educating their population.

Well, WalletHub has just come out with their list of the Most Educated States in the Country, comparing all 50 states across 20 total metrics grouped into two categories, 'educational attainment' and 'quality of education.' 

Coming in at number one overall is Massachusetts for yet another year, which earned a score of 80.06 out of 100, and is number one in both educational attainment and quality of education. Massachusetts also has the highest percentage of bachelors degree holders, as well as graduate or professional degree holders, and comes in second for highest average university quality.

Top Ten Most Educated States in the U.S. 

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Maryland
  3. Vermont
  4. Connecticut
  5. Colorado
  6. Virginia
  7. New Hampshire
  8. Minnesota
  9. Utah
  10. Washington

As for the other end of the spectrum, Mississippi is once again the least educated state in the country, with a score of just 19.32. It comes in dead last for quality of education, and second to last for educational attainment.

Ten Least Educated States in the U.S.

  1. Mississippi
  2. West Virginia
  3. Louisiana
  4. Arkansas
  5. Alabama
  6. Kentucky
  7. Nevada
  8. Oklahoma
  9. South Dakota
  10. Tennessee 

Click here to find out where your state ranks.

Source: WalletHub

Even if you get along with all of your co-workers, there are always those few who do things to annoy you on the job. Some employee behavior has been known to be at best inconsiderate, and at worst, downright gross. 

So, what are the worst things people do that annoy their co-workers? Well, here are some and if you’re guilty of them you may want to make some changes fast.

  • Hogging the bathroom for social reasons – It’s not uncommon for people to bring their phones into the bathroom with them, and this could be a big problem if your office has solo bathrooms instead of several stalls. At one New York office a gal used to hog the bathroom to be on Tinder, prompting a fellow employee to post a sign “stop swiping and start wiping.”
  • Fashionistans who reveal too much – Even if your company doesn’t have a dress code, there are some things that are just inappropriate for the workplace, and often times very revealing outfits can be very distracting to co-workers. 
  • Paying attention to your phone, not the people you are with – Too many people are guilty of looking at their phones during meetings, which basically is just telling someone there’s something more important than whatever it is your discussing. 
  • Faking special needs to get preferential treatment – Apparently some employees think it’s okay to lie in order to get special accommodations at the office, like sitting near windows, or bringing their emotional support animals to the office. 
  • Bringing stinky fitness gear to their work station – Yes it’s great for your health that you bike to work, or exercise before the office. It isn’t so great that your co-workers need to see and smell you drying your stinky clothes at your desk. 
  • Overloading workspace with personal belongings – Okay, it makes sense to have some personal belongings by your desk, like say a nice pair of shoes so you can change out of your commuting shoes, but some people take things to an extreme.

So, what do you do if encounter any of this annoying behavior in the workplace? Well one expert notes you should try and bring up the subject in a humorous way, and if that doesn’t work, talk to the offender but not a defensive one. While you may want to say nothing at all, holding back could be worse, so just try and approach the subject as direct as possible. 

Source: New York Post

It’s hard to know everything about a person, even if you’re about to marry them, and sometimes folks are shocked by the things they learn after saying their “I Dos.”

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the things they wish they knew about their spouse before they got married, and while some are funny, many are sad and downright shocking.

Things people wish they knew about their spouse before getting married include:

  • “The biggest stab in the back is agreeing to start a family before we got married and now changing your mind.”
  • “I just found out my ex got a girl pregnant two months before we got married.”
  • “That she would change completely after kids and I’ll have to lose everything in order to have any meaningful happiness in my life.”
  • “That he has no idea what ‘romance’ means. I probably would have married him anyway. It just would have been nice to know.”
  • “How often he farts. Especially in his sleep. Our bedroom smells like someone died in there every morning.”
  • “I wish I had noticed that he when he brushes his teeth he spits all over the faucet. Disgusting.”
  • “My husband is asexual, I didn’t know this before we got married. I love him so much but I don’t know what I should do about it.”

Source: Daily Mail 

When it comes to staying healthy during cold season, many moms and dads still trust the advice their parents and grandparents passed down. A new poll reveals seven out of ten parents interviewed use strategies with little or no scientific evidence to prevent colds. Researchers with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan asked over 1,000 parents with kids between the ages of five and 12 about the methods they use to help keep their kiddos well and while they are using some science-backed tactics - like handwashing - it turns out, they’re leaning hard on these “folklore strategies” to prevent colds.

Myth: Going outside with wet hair can make you sick - We’ve all heard this one, but the reality is that it’s just not true. Dr. Katherine Williamson, a pediatrician and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics explains that in order to catch a cold, you have to be exposed to an infectious agent. And having wet hair may make you cold, but it doesn’t make you more susceptible to the common cold.

Myth: Being exposed to cold air can cause a cold - Sure, the peak of cold season coincides with the time of the year we have cold weather, but Williamson says it’s just a correlation and doesn’t mean one causes the other. You still have to be exposed to a virus to catch a cold. But it’s what we do when it’s cold outside that causes colds, not the weather itself. We’re inside more when the weather is cold, so we’re breathing in recycled air and being exposed to germs and viruses when we sneeze and cough on top of each other.

Myth: Using multivitamins and supplements can prevent a cold - According to Dr. Michael Russo, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, kids who are otherwise healthy and eat a balanced diet don’t need vitamin supplements. “It has never been shown to have any effect on prevention,” he explains, “so parents can save the money.”

Source: CNN

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