We're Sharing on Social Media Ten Times a Day?!?

Its no secret that most people are consumed with social media these days, but a new report reveals just how much time people are spending on social platforms.

According to a poll by The Manifest, 30% of people are doing something on social media at least ten times a day, and that includes liking, sharing or posting content. What’s more, 94% of people post their own content, including 42% of folks who say they do so at least once a day.

The most popular thing people do is post images (69%), but that’s far from the only interaction going on. Other things folks post on social media include:

  • Updates/announcements (47%)
  • Videos (46%)
  • Opinions (42%)
  • Quotes (39%)
  • Events (36%) 

As for the social media platform folks use most frequently, believe it or not, Facebook is still tops (52%), followed by:

  • YouTube (16%)
  • Instagram (14%)
  • Snapchat (6%)
  • Twitter (6%)

Source: The Manifest

When you were in school you probably questioned whether anything you were learning would apply in the real world, and now that you’re older there’s a good chance your answer is that it didn’t. Well, a new poll finds a lot of people wish they spent their time in school learning real-world skills, and you may be shocked to find out what exactly they would have liked to have been taught.

The survey by H&R Block finds that 84% of Americans say there are things they learned in school that they’ve never had to use in real life. What’s more, almost half of people say they learned their current job skills at work, rather than in the classroom.

So, what useless stuff did people learn? Well, when asked to pick the most useless thing they learned in school, 48% of people said it was the Pythagorean theorem, followed by 40% who said it was that Pi is 3.14. Other useless things they learned in school include: 

  • Periodic table (40%)
  • The types of rocks (37%)
  • The difference between protons, neutrons, and electrons (37%(
  • Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell (35%)
  • Naming the presidents in order (35%)
  • Osmosis (32%)
  • How to make paper snowflakes (30%)
  • Photosynthesis (30%)

As for what they would have rather learned in school, 57% of people chose money management and budgeting, followed by how to properly do taxes (44%). Other lessons folks would have rather learned include:

  • How to manage emotional/mental wellbeing (42%)
  • Understanding credit and student loans (39%)
  • How to negotiate (39%)
  • Time management (35%)
  • Household repairs (34%)
  • How to make conversation/personal relationship skills (33%)
  • Car repair and maintenance (31%)
  • How to find a job (30%)

Source: SWNS Digital

A lot of people likely made New Year’s resolutions to improve their health and well-being but it seems some folks aren’t necessarily willing to put in the work.

A new poll by RealSelf finds that 82% of Americans are hoping to improve either their personal well-being and/or appearance in 2019. As for how they plan to do it, 58% say they’ll exercise more, 55% will eat healthier foods, 33% will invest more in their mental health and 32% plan to make an effort to lose weight.

But then there are those who’d rather take a faster step towards making improvements – a cosmetics procedure. In fact, 36% of Americans are looking to undergo one ore more cosmetic treatments in the next year. As for the most popular treatments being considered, cosmetic dentistry, like Invisalign, Whitening, or Veneers, is the most popular non-surgical treatment (32%), while a tummy tuck is the most pouplar surgical treatment (30%).

Top Five Non-Surgical Treatments Being Considered In The Next Year

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry (32%)
  2. Laser Hair Removal (30%)
  3. Facial Skin Treatments (25%)
  4. Facial/Lip Fillers (24%)
  5. Botox/Toxins (21%)

Top Five Surgical Treatments Being Considered In The Next Year

  1. Tummy Tuck (30%)
  2. Chin or Neck Lift (25%)
  3. Arm or Leg Lift (19%), Eyelid Surgery (19%)
  4. Liposuction (17%), Breast Augmentation (17%)
  5. Facelift (16%) 
  • ONE MORE THING! As for the biggest reasons folks are considering cosmetic procedures, the most common motivator is to improve self-esteem/confidence (40%), followed by “to look as good as I feel” (36%) and to look younger (26%).

Source: Biz Journals

As busy as we all are these days, it can be tough to keep the house clean, but it could have a bigger impact than we realize. According to a recent survey of newly divorced people, 30% of them give “disagreements about housework” as the biggest reason for their split. And a Pew Research Center study finds that more than half of all married respondents (56%) say sharing household chores is “very important” to a happy marriage.

Tidying up might not seem like a top priority, but eventually living in a cluttered space takes a toll and can make us feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and guilty. And if you’ve watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, you already know that decluttering and organizing can be really good for your relationship. Once you clear through everything and make it manageable to organize and clean up, it takes a lot less time to deal with the stuff and that gives you more time to enjoy your partner and your life. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

“When both partners in a relationship are on board with this philosophy, it certainly allows for more time and money to spend on shared experiences and quality time to talk and relate to one another,” explains psychologist Ryan Howes. “If you have four shirts to clean instead of two dozen, that means more time to spend with your partner.”

Of course, not everyone will be into decluttering, but even if you don’t go KonMari crazy, that “tidy house equals a happy spouse” idea is something to keep in mind next time we’re shopping for something we don’t really need.

Source: Huffington Post

When we start a new job, it’s always nice to connect with colleagues. Sometimes we get lucky and really bond with a coworker and actually become friends and allies, both in and out of the office. And having a buddy that you can trust and confide in at work can actually boost your career.

According to Lindsey Pollak, a multigenerational workplace expert, having a workplace confidant who can be a sounding board or supporter is important for growth in your career. “Sometimes you just need someone to listen so that you can vent,” she explains. “Sometimes you need someone who is good at giving advice or who can give you tough love.”

Being able to bounce ideas off your work bestie or having her be able to talk you down when you’re beyond can make all the difference. Someone who knows and understands the specific politics and dynamics of the office and sees your perspective is an amazing resource. And the best perk of a work BFF? It makes going to work every day so much better!

Source: Refinery 29

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