Where are We Finding Jobs? Online!

The days of looking in the newspaper for job listings is long gone, with more and more people relying things like job boards, networking and even social media to find their next gig.

While you may think of social media as just the place to see pictures of your friend’s baby, a new Clutch survey finds that 14% of people actually use social media in their job search, although it does vary by industries. Recruiters in creative fields are more likely to use sites like Instagram to help find candidates, while LinkedIn is more likely to be used by traditional business.

In general the most common way folks search for new jobs these days is on job boards (41%), with 33% of people using general job boards like Indeed and Monster, and another 8% using industry specific sites like Media Bistro.

  • Another huge way people find jobs is networking, with 25% of people saying the secured their latest gig through networking. Interestingly the survey finds that men and women are equally likely to find their next job through networking, although women are more likely to find a job via a job board than men (44% vs. 33%).

Source: Clutch

If asked, most parents would likely admit they want their kids to grow up to be a successful person, but raising them to be one isn’t always easy. While in some cases it may just be luck, there is some science behind some steps you could take to make the likelihood of it happening a little stronger.

Steps to raise a successful kid include:

  • Teach them to seek small wins – Research suggests you should teach kids the small steps it takes to get people to agree with you. Have them learn not to jump to the end of an argument, and instead build to a successful outcome. 
  • Teach them to focus on positive outcomes – Stick to positive outcome statements, which are more persuasive. If something involves change, teach them to stress the positives of it, not the negative aspects of it. 
  • Teach them to dare to take a stand – People are persuaded by confidence, so teach them to be bold, not to “think” something will work out, but to “believe” it. And also encourage them to stand behind their opinions.
  • Teach them to understand the way others prefer to process information – Not everyone will be ready to make decisions as quickly as some, so teach kids to learn and respect other folks’ process, and they’ll likely get the answers they want.
  • Teach them not to be afraid to show a little emotion – There’s nothing wrong with being yourself, even if that means you show emotion, whether it’s happiness or even frustration. Teach your kids that showing your feelings, even in the form of an occasional curse word, is okay, in the right setting that is. 
  • Teach them to share bad with the good – It’s always smart to look at both sides of an argument, so teach your kid to respect other perspectives and outcomes, address objections others may be considering, and meet them head on. 
  • Teach them to not just say they're right. Teach them to be right – Getting your message out there is what’s important, so teach your kids to be clear, concise and to the point, and to be able to back their wins with data, reasoning and conclusions that can’t be disputed.

Source: INC

As flu season kicks into high gear, most of us are bound to come down with a cough at some point. But when you do, before you reach for cough syrup to relieve your symptoms, there’s a tasty treatment that actually works better and doesn’t give you any of the fuzzy-headed side-effects medications can cause - and it’s chocolate.

According to Dr. Alyn Morice, a professor and respected authority on all things cough and respiratory medicine related, chocolate can soothe coughs better than codeine syrup because it forms a sticky coating in the throat. The melted chocolate coating protects nerve endings in the throat that cause you to cough, allowing the naturally present cough-suppressing ingredients to calm your damaged throat nerves down.

And while it might seem like drinking a cup of hot chocolate would be the ideal cough soother, unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well. The warm, sweet beverage may feel cozy and comforting going down, but Dr. Morice says the liquid doesn’t have enough long-term clinging contact with the nerves to be effective. She advises sucking on a piece of chocolate and letting it melt slowly to coat your throat. And this is one home remedy we’re happy to try.

Source: Shape

For parents, there’s always a very fear that their kids could accidentally wander off someday, from home or out in a big crowd. It’s a scary thought, but there’s a new baby tech device that can prevent a little one from getting lost and it just won this year’s Babylist Best in Baby Tech Awards at CES.

Jiobit is a technology tracking device that’s small and lightweight and kids can wear it on their belt loop, shoelace, or hidden inside a shirt. The tracker syncs to a grown-up’s phone so they can find their kiddo anywhere, anytime, with no distance limits. It sells for $100 and the service is $13 a month, but it gives some moms and dads peace of mind, and you really can’t put a price tag on that.

Not only is Jiobit useful in crowded places, like a theme park, it can be useful every day for kids and adults with special needs or autism who tend to wander away. It comes with different attachments to wear it on a backpack, shoe or belt, so the kid has options. It uses BT, WiFi, cellular, and GPS, so parents can have real-time tracking from anywhere. And because it’s so small, it can be clipped on and anyone with sensory issues won’t be bothered. This could be a game-changer for parents of kids who love to escape.

Source: PopSugar

While most brides and grooms probably hope guests will give them cash as a gift for their wedding, most couples don’t come right out and ask. But one bride not only asked for cash for her wedding festivities, she complained when she didn’t get what she want. 

Here's what happened:

  • A bride-to-be recently took to Reddit to rant after being disappointed with the gifts she received at her engagement party. The gal noted that she "specified on the invitation that we were requesting cash only,” adding they had a “mountain of debt,” so they needed the dough.
  • Well, apparently nobody listened. “The party was last night and not one person brought us cash," she continued. "They all brought small gifts that serve no purpose to us and it was hard for me to mask my irritation."
  • If that wasn’t bad enough, the bride-to-be then said she actually sent a “mass text” to her guests to share her disappointment, and while not many responded, those who did were “rude.”
  • Although she considered “disinviting” those who were rude, she then noted that she’s willing to give her guests another chance, sharing that she’s already sent out another email reiterating that at the wedding, “cash is expected and not gifts and any gifts will be returned for cash or sold on eBay." 
  • As you can imagine, folks on Reddit were quick to bash the bride, suggesting she’s insanely entitled. “Be an adult, pay off your own debt,” one person wrote. “Nobody owed you anything. Grow up.” Meanwhile another noted, “It is not the responsibility of your friends and family to bail you out with their 'gifts' so you can have a wedding.”

And it seems this was likely not the response this bride expected, since after posting her rant, she quickly deleted her Reddit account.

Source: Café Mom

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