We're Struggling With Work After the Long Holiday

Now that the holidays are finally over, most people have been back to work for a few days now, but while they may be there physically, it seems mentally they are likely still checked out.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds that it takes four days for workers to get “back in the saddle” after a holiday break, while the majority of people say they need a full week before they are fully functioning properly.

It seems January is a tough time for most people in the office. Overall, 44% of people believe they suffer from January blues, with 30% of employees expecting work to be awful in January, especially because they know they won’t have time off for while. Actually doing work is an issue too, with a fifth of people dreading the office because they know they’re coming back to a big workload.

  • But one thing does make people feel better about returning to work. It seems a quarter of people feel better about it because they know everyone else will be miserable as well. 
  • As for some of the biggest reasons people struggle after the holidays, the horrible weather is the top complaint, followed by the days still being short and dark. 

Top Ten Reasons Folks Struggle After The Holidays

  1. The weather is horrible
  2. The days are still short and dark
  3. There are still months left of winter to go
  4. You feel tired and sluggish
  5. January feels like the longest month of the year
  6. The excitement of Christmas has passed
  7. Re-adjusting to the boring routine of everyday life / the daily grind
  8. Feels like ages before you will have any time off work again
  9. You feel like there's nothing to look forward to
  10. You find it hard to motivate yourself to do any exercise

Source: SWNS Digital

While some baby names will always be popular, every year parents attempt to find new inspiration when it comes to naming their tots, and the website Nameberry believes they know what types of names will be hot for 2019.

The site has come out with a list of the hottest trends in baby names for the New Year, and some of them may just leave you shaking your heads.

 Baby naming trends for 2019 include:

  • Global Names –People are looking for original choices with deep roots and diverse origins, like Acacius, Cyrene, Jedda, Niabi, Walken and more.
  • Nonbinary Names – More parents want to raise their kids free of gender stereotypes, so they pick gender neutral names like Campbell, Finley, Journey, Laken, Story or Royal.
  • East – Names inspired by Eastern religions and non-European mythology are gaining popularity, including Asherah, Bodhi, Lakshmi, Raiden and Zen.
  • Muted Hues – Naming kids after colors is still popular, but parents aren’t necessarily looking for bright colors. Instead they are going for things like Ash, Gray/Grey, Lavender, Mauve and Ivory.
  • Rare Gems – Like Emerald, Garnet, Onyx, Peridot and Sapphire.
  • Old-school Nickname Names for Boys – Like Billy, Ace, Buddy, Jimmy, Johnny and more.
  • The Letter “F” – More people are picking names that start with “F,” including Faye, Felix, Fern, Frankie, and Frost.
  • Three Letters – Names with just three letters seem to be the trendiest, like Hal, Liv, Rio and Van.
  • Animalia – People will continue to name kids after animals, including Hawk, Bear, Falcon, and Tiger.
  • Celebrity Surnames – Celebs are still influencing names, with the site seeing a trend in picking last names of celebs for kids, like Beckham, Jolie, Lennon and Bowie.
  • The Vowel “U” – Expect a lot of names featuring the vowel “U” including Eulalie, Hugo, Jude and True.
  • Em-Names – Including Emory, Emerson, Emily, Emma, Emmett and more.

Source: Today

As we head into 2019, many of us are working on being the best version of ourselves and for some that includes health and fitness goals. Lots of people are trying to lose weight in the New Year, according to the CDC, about half of Americans say they’re trying to shed some pounds. And according to recent research, having a good support system during your weight loss journey can make a big difference.

A recent study looked into the way that having a supportive partner affects weight loss outcomes for women. Researchers wanted to know if there’s a connection between a woman’s weight loss progress and having a partner who acknowledges her feelings, doesn’t criticize, and encourages her. And it turns out, it really helps, especially for those with a high body mass index.

We think of that stuff as just being a decent human being, but scientists call that kind of help “autonomy support.” And they also found that when a romantic partner tells you that you need to lose weight, it’s not really helpful. Yep, we could’ve saved them a bunch of time and money by telling them that ourselves, but at least science agrees.

Source: Brides

Some nights, you just want to stay in with your S.O. and share a bottle of wine and watch a movie. You’re enjoying the quiet evening and the film, but it seems like every time you look over at your sweetie, he’s looking at his phone instead of the TV, so it’s pretty much ruining the experience for you. It’s happened to most of us before and now there’s actually a name for it: “screen dipping.”

Screen dipping is basically the act of “dipping out” of one screen every so often so you can look at another screen, like switching between your phone and the TV. And while this act is totally fine if you’re at home alone going from scrolling through Twitter to half-watching “Below Deck,” it really bugs some people when they’ve decided to watch something with you and you’re not really paying attention.

The problem with screen dipping is that it implies you’re picking your phone over the person you’re with. Even though you’re not in an active conversation because you’re watching a show or movie, you’re supposed to be engaged in it together. And it can be bad for your relationship, too. According to one study, choosing your phone over your partner can lead to being less satisfied with the relationship and more fights.

So if you’re a screen dipper, consider yourself warned. If you want to break the habit, try leaving your phone on silent or in another room for the 90-minutes of the movie. Just being mindful about your phone and the person sitting right next to you can help, too.

Source: PureWow

The partial government shutdown is almost two weeks old now, and it’s affecting lots of things. Some we hear more about – like national parks being closed – but other closings have come as a surprise, like the marriage bureau in Washington, DC. Their doors have been shut since December 22nd, leaving lovebirds in the nation’s capital without a way to get a marriage license.

When spouses-to-be Dan Pollock and Danielle Geanacopoulos showed up at the courthouse to get theirs, the couple says they were politely turned away and told no licenses would be issued until the government reopens. This was a bit of a problem because they had the wedding planned and didn’t have enough time to get a license from Virginia, but they decided to “embrace the insanity” of the situation.

The couple had their wedding anyway, complete with the bride in a white gown and her hubby in a tux and says they had a blast and they’ll head back to the courthouse to make it official when the shutdown ends. “While it might have been inconvenient for us,” Pollock explains, “I think it’s important for people to see some of the real effects of a shutdown.”

But plans are already in motion to allow marriage licenses in DC to be issued during the shutdown. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s chief of staff, John Falcicchio, says she will propose emergency legislation to issue marriage licenses again, adding, “Just like the Grinch can’t steal Christmas, the shutdown can’t stop love.”

Source: New York Post

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