Be Prepared to Pay Up For a Babysitter Tonight

Going out on New Years Eve is always an expensive proposition, but it’s even more expensive if you’re a parent. That’s because you’re likely going to have to hire a babysitter, and if you can actually find one working, they will charge you through the roof. 

A report by Urbansitter finds the average cost of a babysitter on New Years Eve will be $16.43 an hour for one child, $18.86 for two, or $20.56 for three. Now if you spend four hours out ringing in the New Year that means you’ll likely be paying $65 more than on a regular evening. And that doesn’t even include extras, with 46% of parents saying they tip their sitter, while 80% will pay for things like dinner and transportation home.

Source: Market Watch

While a lot of people will be ringing in the New Year tonight on their couch, there are plenty of folks who like to travel over New Years, and quite often that holiday travel doesn’t come cheap. There are certain destinations that charge big bucks for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, and a new report by reveals where folks are shelling out the most.

According to the site, the most expensive destination in the world for New Year’s is Miami Beach, Florida where the least expensive room will set someone back $281 a night. Other U.S. destinations making the pricey list include New Orleans ($269 a night), New York ($224 a night) and Nashville ($216 a night).

Most Expensive Cities To Visit For New Years

  1. Miami Beach $281
  2. Sydney $274
  3. Dubai $272
  4. New Orleans $269
  5. Rio de Janeiro $226
  6. New York City $224
  7. Hong Kong $221
  8. Nashville $216
  9. Edinburgh $204
  10. Amsterdam $198


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