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According to a new survey, what is America’s #1 comfort food?


Answer-Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Navy SEAL's Ashes Returned After Found In Dumpster

The remains of a U.S. Navy SEAL that were found in a dumpster have now been returned to his family. Ronald Lee Pruitt passed away back in 1996 and his ashes were given to his sister, who died a few years later. The urn with his remains somehow ended up in a Pennsylvania dumpster and would have gone to a landfill, but a sharp construction worker saw the urn and saved it.

Shane Hanna says he saw the urn and realized what it was, so he grabbed it. When he saw the Navy SEAL insignia on it, his father suggested taking the urn to the local Veterans of Foreign War post. They were able to locate Pruitt’s sister, Barbara Dixon, who drove three hours from her home in Delaware and was given the urn during a ceremony at the VFW to honor Pruitt’s service.

“I told them they were his guardian angels,” Dixon says of those who worked to track her down. “It is a Christmas miracle. It’s a miracle that all these people went above and beyond to find me.”

Source: New York Post

Devoted Dad Flies On Flight Attendant Daughter’s Xmas Flights To Be With Her

Lots of people have to work on Christmas and can’t celebrate the holiday with their families, but one devoted dad found a way to spend time with his daughter while she was on the job. Mike Levy shared a Facebook post about sitting next to a man named Hal on a flight and after talking to his seatmate, he learned that Hal had booked multiple flights so he could spend time with his daughter, Pierce, a flight attendant working over the holiday.

Levy says Hal told him he booked six flights in total to get to be near his daughter over Christmas. The men crossed paths on a Christmas Eve flight from Fort Myers to Detroit. Hal told Levy it was challenging to navigate all the flights, but Levy says he appeared to be having a great time with her.

“What a fantastic father,” Levy writes in the post. “Wish you both a very Merry Christmas!”

Source: USA Today

 Dog Saves Boy Buried In Avalanche 

It’s a happy ending for a 12-year-old boy who was skiing in the French Alps when an avalanche buried him under the snow. He was on the slopes when he went under and didn’t have a beacon to let rescuers know where. Things were beginning to look hopeless, but a sniffer dog located him after a long 40 minutes and he was rescued.

The boy did suffer a broken leg, but other than that he’s said to be okay. He had been skiing with his family at the time, according to the rescue team.

“It’s a miracle because he had no victim detection device,” explains a member of the rescue team. “The chances of survival are minuscule after 15 minutes under the snow.”

Source: Newser

 Father And Sons Cut Wood To Give Away To Heat Homes 

Last summer Shane McDaniel and his two sons chopped enough wood to fill up 80 pick up trucks and this winter, they’re giving it all away to people in need to heat their homes. McDaniel lives in Lake Stevens, Washington, and first shared the offer on Facebook of free firewood to anyone who needs it.

“Please help me and my boys find the right homes that need heat and make sure NO ONE GOES COLD IN OUR HOOD this holiday season,” McDaniel writes. “If you know someone who burns wood and they’re looking at a cold house … please help us help them.”

McDaniel says their crew is ready to stack and deliver and that the wood isn’t for sale at any price. “We get lots of offers,” he writes. “Too much blood and sweat to do that.”

The McDaniels had 40 cords of wood to give away and each costs about $400 in their area. After getting hundreds of messages requesting donated fire wood, he says he plans to cut at least 100 cords next year.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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