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 1/3 of employees would be willing to take a pay cut in exchange for this

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 Answer-4-day work week

Mom's Suspected Cancer Was Actually 'Miracle' Pregnancy

A woman in the UK who thought she may have ovarian cancer was shocked when her doctor revealed that she didn’t have cancer, but was actually 17 weeks pregnant. Janie Furner, 45, has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and was always told her chances of conceiving were very slim. So when she felt nauseous and Googled her symptoms, she assumed it was cancer.

Janie had trouble getting pregnant with her 20-year-old daughter two decades ago so she and her husband Gary thought they’d just have one child. The couple was actually looking forward to having an empty nest as their daughter had recently moved out, but now they’re happy to be parents to their newborn son, Oliver. It’s tiring being in their 40s and spending sleepless nights changing diapers and feeding the baby, but they’re adjusting to life with their “miracle baby.”

“I’m honestly over the moon," Gary says. “We’re a bit older and are completely knackered but it’s great doing the whole dad thing again. Now I’ve got someone to carry on the family name. He’s our little Christmas miracle.”

Source: Fox News

Subway Rider Finds Purse With $10K Cash And Turns It In

A New York subway rider helped spread holiday cheer when he turned in a purse filled with cash he found on a train platform. Richard Taverna spotted a blue Chanel bag in the Lincoln Center station in Manhattan and says he picked it up to see if there was any identification or information to help find it’s owner.

Taverna found a note written in Russian inside and couldn’t read it, and when he couldn’t locate a subway agent, he took the purse home. Later he looked inside again and that’s when he found an envelope filled with a huge stack of money - 100 $100 bills!

Realizing the person who lost ten-thousand dollars would be very upset, Taverna took the 10-grand and the purse to the New York City Police Department and turned in in. That happens to be the same place a woman filed a police report about the blue bag she lost as she headed off on a vacation to Russia, the police confirm. He says it’s “something most people would have done,” but we all know that’s probably not true.

"I don't really think I did anything that extraordinary," Taverna says "You feel good when you do the right thing."

Source: CNN

Cruise Ship Rescues Fishermen Lost At Sea For 20 Days

After being lost at sea for close to three weeks, two Costa Rican fishermen were rescued by a cruise ship passing by. Royal Caribbean meteorologist James Van Fleet shared a statement on Twitter explaining that the ship, Empress of the Seas located the men after changing course because of bad weather.

A spokesman for the ship says the men were picked up with no injuries and that they had been adrift between Jamaica and Cuba since December 1st. They drifted into unfamiliar waters while sleeping then ran out of gas. A light on their boat alerted the cruise ship to their location and they were rescued. They were checked out by a doctor, fed and clothed, then taken to a Jamaican hospital. The Empress crew even collected about $300 as a gift for the fishermen to help them buy food and clothing, according to Van Fleet.

“Pure luck, lining of the stars, God, whatever you choose to believe, the facts are we would NOT have been in that area at the time had we not switched to go to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and you can’t help but think there was a greater plan in all of this,” Van Fleet tweeted.

Source: Huffington Post

Community Raises $33K For Teen Cashier Who Helps Woman Pay For Groceries

When a shopper witnessed a 19-year-old Walmart cashier helping a customer in need, she shared the story on Facebook and now the community is returning his generosity. John Lopez Jr was working at the store in Princeton, Texas when a woman realized she couldn’t pay for her $110 grocery bill. Laci Simms was in line behind the woman and watched as Lopez offered to pay for her groceries.

Simms’ Facebook post went viral and someone set up a GoFundMe page for John, which many have donated to over the last week. People in the community and strangers alike are happy to give to the selfless teen and the crowdfunding campaign has raised $33,555 so far.

John has also been honored with a certificate from Princeton Mayor John-Mark Caldwell and a medallion from Police Chief James Waters. The teen says he plans to use the money for college and that he’s overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. But he says he was just acting the way his parents taught him.

“I make it my goal to at least in one way make someone smile,” John says.

Source: NBC4i

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