Good News


72% of people take the opportunity to do this on Christmas Day

-what do you think it is?

DAWN'S HINT...  I wasn't one of them...

as I had to change for Christmas Morning Services at my church in Siloam Springs.

Answer-Stay in their pajamas

Good News....


Throughout 2018, eight-year-old Dylandin Martin of Pensacola, Florida, was on a mission to help those in need at Christmastime.

He saved all the money he received from gifts – and then used that money to put together gift bags for the homeless.

He ended up with $250, which he spent on bags that included food and water, along with a blanket, tooth brush, silverware and body warmers. Dylandin also included a personal card with the supplies.

He completed the mission with his grandma, Stacey Yates, who drove him around so he could give away the bags to those in need.

Next year should be even bigger and better as Dylandin has a goal of getting more kids to join his mission so they can help many more people. (WEAR-TV)


Judith Nostrand of Princeton, New Jersey, has a special relationship with her service dog, Trindle, who was trained to keep Judith safe from having seizures.

Recently, Trindle put all that training to good use -- and it ended up saving Judith’s life.

Judith suffered a seizure in the bathroom and was unable to help herself. That’s when Trindle sprang into action.

He lowered Judith to the ground so she would not hit her head. Trindle then dragged Judith to a safe spot -- and started barking.

Sure enough. The barking attracted attention and an ambulance was called.

Trindle never left Judith’s side -- even on the ambulance ride to the hospital and even into the emergency room.

Judith is now back to normal and, as always, thankful to have a friend like Trindle making sure she stays safe. (Patch)

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