We Don't Remember Last Year's Christmas Gifts

A lot of us put lots of effort into finding the perfect Christmas present for our friends and loved ones, but it turns out, no matter how great that gift is, most people will probably forget about it by next year. 

According to a poll by Groupon, 53% of people have already forgotten what gifts they got last year. And what’s worse, one in six gifts received weren’t used or touched again after January 1st.  And overall, the survey finds that 3.5 gifts are unwanted every year.

But even with that, folks should probably put a little effort into a gift purchase, since 35% of people say giving a bad gift can stick with the person, because it affects their opinion of them as a gift giver. So, why would anyone give a bad gift? Well, 50% said it was because “I needed to get them something.”

  • As for who are the best gift givers out there, most people say their partners are the best, while the worst gift givers are siblings. And when it comes to what qualifies as a memorable gift, clothing and apparel tops the list, followed by dinner at a restaurant, electronics, a spa day or a trip. Gifts people should avoid include wrinkle cream, a scale, exercise equipment, underwear and cleaning supplies.

Source: SWNS Digital

Back in the old days, when kids wanted to talk to Santa, they had to stand in incredibly long, boring lines at the mall to get a couple minutes of his time. And to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas or to explain their behavior for the last year, they’d have to sit down and write out a letter to mail to him. But these are technologically advanced times we live in and now little ones can leave St. Nick a message with one quick phone call.

From now until Christmas Day, kids can call Santa’s 24-hour hotline and leave him a personal voicemail message. It’s a service available through FreeConferenceCall.com and after listening to a message from Santa himself, kiddos can leave their own message for him. The phone number from the U.S. is (605) 313-4000, but the hotline’s website has a list of numbers to call from other countries and languages.

And if you use your cell phone to call, you’ll get a text message back from Santa with a copy of the recording, so you can listen or share with grandma. The kids will understand that Santa’s so busy making toys in the workshop that he can’t stop to answer the phone, but they’ll love getting to tell him how good they’ve been and exactly what they hope to find under the tree.

Source: Lifehacker

Tis the season for shopping and retailers really know how to get us to spend more on things we didn’t need or want in the first place. Some holiday spending is unavoidable, but Christmas-related money traps are all around, so protect your wallet and avoid buying these things during the holidays.

  • Skip the extended warranty - Sure, you’ll want to protect your investment if you splurge for that flat screen TV, but do your homework before pushing up the price by adding an additional year of coverage. Lots of credit cards actually offer extended warranty coverage at no extra cost if you pay with that card, so find out if yours does before you buy.
  • Bide your time if you’re buying bedding - If you’re giving yourself the gift of new sheets or a down comforter, you might want to wait until January to buy them because there’s always a white sale on bedding and you can save 10 to 30%.
  • Hold out on holiday lights - If a strand goes out, of course you’ll need to replace them now, but if you’re just stocking up on holiday lights, wait until December 26th when retailers start cutting prices way back.
  • Don’t book that cruise until the New Year - Treating the family to a cruise is an incredible gift, but if you wait until “wave season” - which is January through March - to book your tickets, you’ll save more with promos and deals. And you can still create something cool for the kids to unwrap on Christmas morning with the “We’re going on a cruise!” message.
  • Winter clothing - If you’re just restocking your closet, hold off until after Christmas when sweaters and such start heading to the clearance rack to make room for pre-spring clothing. You’ll find better deals then than the ones that seem so enticing right now.

Source: PureWow

As we previously told you, a lot of people will be traveling for the holidays, which means airports are bound to be a nightmare. But let’s face it, some airports are much more of a nightmare experience than others. 

Well, the site InsureMyTrip has just revealed the airports you should probably avoid, dropping their list of the Most Stressful U.S. Airports, a ranking of the 75 worst US airports for flight cancellations. Topping the list  is New York’s LaGuardia Airport, which has the highest percentage of canceled flights this year (4.9%). In fact, the New York/New Jersey area, in general is pretty bad, with all three of its major airports, and two upstate New York airports landing in the Top Ten.

Now if you want to have a better shot at not dealing with a canceled flight, the site notes you should fly early. It seems flights scheduled to leave between 4 pm and 6 pm are the most susceptible to delays and cancelations.

 Top Ten Most Stressful Airports(click here for the complete list) 

  1. LaGuardia Airport, New York, NY
  2. Norfolk International, Norfolk, VA
  3. Charleston AFB/International, Charleston, SC
  4. Greater Rochester International, Rochester, NY
  5. Philadelphia International, Philadelphia, PA
  6. Newark Liberty International, Newark, NJ
  7. Theodore Francis Green State, Providence, RI
  8. Ronald Reagan Washington National, Washington, DC
  9. Buffalo Niagara International, Buffalo, NY
  10. John F. Kennedy International, New York, NY

Source: Yahoo Finance

No matter how many times we are told we need to come up with long complicated passwords to protect our personal data, too many of us are still using common, and very very bad, passwords, putting all of our information at risk.

Well, SplashData has come out with their annual list of the Top 100 worst passwords of the year, and many of the obvious passwords made the list, with “123456” at number one, followed by “password,” the fifth year in a row they've held the one and two spot. Coming in third is “123456789.” And our president is responsible for a new entry to the list this year, with “Donald” making the list for the first time at 23.

And if you think nobody in their right mind would still be using these passwords, think again. The company estimates that about 3% of people still use “123456,” with 10% of people using the Top 25 passwords on the list.

Top 10 Worst Passwords of 2018(click here for the complete list) 

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 123456789
  4. 12345678
  5. 12345
  6. 111111
  7. 1234567
  8. sunshine
  9. qwerty
  10. iloveyou

Source: USA Today

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