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While the holidays are supposed to be a time for peace and joy - we all know the truth - it’s usually filled with tons of stress, and plenty of arguments. So, how bad does it get? Well, according to a new survey, 88% of respondents say they get stressed out celebrating the holidays with the average couple having seven arguments throughout the season.

As for what they’re fighting about, the biggest source of arguments is deciding where to spend the holidays (35%), followed by how much money to spend on gifts (31%). Meanwhile, buying presents is the thing that stresses people out the most (39%), along with cooking holiday dinner (30%) and prepping the house for guests (28%).

Another major stressor over the holidays is participating in conversations with family and friends, with 56% of people saying they bite their lip to avoid arguments with family, and 64% saying certain topics are completely off limits. As for what those topic are, politics, of course, tops the list (68%), followed by:

  • Someone’s personal life (55%)
  • Religion (47%)
  • Money (42%)
  • Life changes since last gathering (changes in looks, weight, relationship status) (29%)
  • But even with all the arguments and stress, there are some great things about the holiday season. The survey finds the most important thing to people is spending time with family (82%), followed by buying and giving gifts to loved ones (56%).

Source: SWNS Digital

When folks are out buying gifts for the holiday it’s understandable if they pick up a thing or two for themselves, but it turns out when it comes to holiday shopping, a lot of folks are really selfish.

A poll of 1,000 married couples by Quicken Loans finds a third of people say they spend more on themselves than they do their spouse. What’s worse, 20% admit to actually forgetting to buy their spouse a gift.

But when folks do buy a gift for their partner, most don’t go hog wild. In fact, 70% of couples agree to a spending limit on gifts, and that’s a good thing, since those who do set limits are happier in their marriages than those who don’t. What’s more, of the 30% who don’t set a limit, 25% were hoping their S.O. spent more on them, with only 10% wanting the to spend less.

Of course just because you set a budget doesn’t mean folks actually stick to it. Close to 50% of those with a limit don’t stick to it, with 81% going over budget. Interestingly, another 19% say they would let their partner think they spent more than they actually did.

Source: New York Post 

People love ugly holiday sweaters and even have parties with that theme, but if you really want to step up your tacky, festive ensemble, you have to consider your footwear. And now you can get sneakers to complete the look with these Christmas sweater-inspired walking shoes from Brooks running.

Brooks is all about comfort, so these will feel good on your feet. But let’s talk about how they look: they’re made of a red and green knit that looks like a Christmas sweater with reindeer and trees on it. And they come with jingle bells on the red and white candy cane-striped laces, so you spread holiday cheer with every step. These shoes aren’t cheap at $150, but Christmas sweater sneakers aren’t easy to find and style like this comes at a price.

Source: Delish

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