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The holiday season is bound to be filled with parties, and booze, and, of course...FOOD - and it’s  wreaking havoc on our waistlines. A new poll by Jenny Craig finds that more than half of Americans expect to gain weight over the holiday season, which can make a lot of folks a lot less merry.

Overall, 78% of Americans expect to gain five or more pounds from October through January, while another 36% will expect to gain ten or more pounds. Surprisingly, men are the ones more likely to expect to gain weight, with 71% of men predicting it, as opposed to 53% of women.

And while a lot of folks will be snapping photos over the holiday season, those extra pounds will cause a lot of people to find ways of avoiding those snapshots. In fact, 73% of men say they’ll avoid having their picture taken because of their weight gain, while 62% of women say the same.

  • All this weight gain could be why so many people make health-related resolutions in the New Year. The poll finds that more than half of people plan to make resolutions to improve their overall health, while one-third specifically say they plan to make a resolution to lose weight in the New Year. As for how they’ll do it, 52% of women and 42% of men have no clear plan in mind.

Source: Biz Journals

All the Christmas cookies and festive holiday cocktails may help make this the most wonderful time of the year, but the holidays definitely aren’t the healthiest time. No one wants to be a Grinch by saying no, but adding in a few healthy holiday traditions like these can help balance things out.

  • Try a fun run - Holiday fun runs have fun names like turkey trot or Hanukkah hot chocolate run. You can probably find a 5K one happening near you that supports a good cause and turn training for and participating in it an annual affair.
  • Start a family fitness tradition - Establish a yearly post-present hike or even just a walk around the neighborhood after your holiday dinner. Anything that gets you and your loved ones off the couch and moving will work.
  • Add a healthy recipe to your repertoire - You’ve already perfected the art of the sugar cookie, so try becoming the Salad Master or the Quinoa Queen by using your cooking prowess on a good-for-you dish.
  • Give back - Mental health is important to holiday wellbeing too, so give yours a boost by helping others this season. Make volunteering an annual commitment and give time to a food pantry, a shelter, or visiting a nursing home.
  • Keep a holiday gratitude journal - Just because Thanksgiving has passed doesn’t mean you should stop counting your blessings. Jot down a few things you’re thankful for every day and you’ll have a record of all the lovely things you appreciate in your life right now.
  • Take a social media break - We know you want to post your cutest holiday party photos on Instagram, but lots of research shows that our social media habits are actually bad for our mental health. Comparing ourselves to everyone we see on Instagram and Facebook can make us feel inadequate and anxious, so taking a holiday break can help us focus on our own holiday fun, not everyone else’s.
  • Host a healthy New Year’s brunch - Ring in the New Year right by starting with a healthy meal on January 1st. This tradition could even help you and your nearest and dearest stick to your resolutions to stay healthy all year long.

Source: Brit + Co

While it may seem like a lot of your co-workers are goofing off at the office because it’s the holiday season, a new poll finds that workers are actually working harder as the year comes to a close.

A new survey by AccounTemps finds that 65% of employees say they are actually more productive during the holiday season, with only 35% admitting they are less productive. For those who are less productive, most cite personal commitments (36%) as the reason their output has fallen during the holidays, while 31% blame it on greater year-end workloads, 17% say it’s because it’s cold and flu season, and another 16% admit it’s due to holiday shopping.

And it turns out workers in some states are more productive than others during the holiday season. Workers in 28 states were surveyed, with employees in Miami, Chicago and San Francisco claiming to be the most productive. On the flipside, workers in Boston, Des Moines and St. Louis seem to be the least productive, with less than 50% of respondents in each state saying they work more over the holiday season.

Source: AccounTemps

It’s no secret that some parents are a bit overprotective when it comes to their kids, but it turns out some are going so far with their monitoring they are practically treating them like criminals. Actually, they are treating them exactly like criminals.

A new report suggests more and more parents are actually getting GPS ankle monitors for their kids. You know, like the ones used to track people released on bail or parole, or those on house arrest. “Since a court order is not required, parents are increasingly turning to GPS monitoring to deter their children’s risky behavior,” a sales video for Florida’s Tampa Bay Monitoring claims. 

Not only does Tampa Bay Monitoring boast that they have a bracelet that is “near impossible to cut off,” but it emits a 95-decibel siren if a teen blows curfew, which signals the parents to call the company. Then an employee will activate a speaker telling the kid to come home of the police will be called. The service costs $10 a day, or about $300 a month, which can be quiet costly, not to mention embarrassing for the kid who has to wear the bracelet. 

  • Owner Frank Kopczynsk notes that the biggest issues they deal with are runaways, and kids sneaking out of the house to buy drugs. He also hopes to extend his market even further, looking at college students for such things as alcohol monitoring devices, which track the wearer’s blood alcohol level through their sweat. 

Source: Quartz

Burger King is using rival McDonald’s to promote their new app, and give away Whoppers for a penny. From now through December 12th the chain is promoting what they are calling the “Whooper Detour” on their new app, which, according to the chain “works by geofencing McDonald’s locations across the country.”

If a customer with the app is in one of those geofenced areas, they’ll be offered the opportunity to unlock the Whopper for a penny promotion, and once they order it on the app, the customer will be “detoured” to the nearest Burger King location.

Burger King is boasting they are “turning more than 14,000 McDonald’s into Burger King restaurants. Sort of.”

Source: USA Today

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