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We are now in he holiday season and if you’re already feeling a bit exhausted, and perpetually hung over, it seems you are not alone. A new survey confirms that Americans go out and drink a lot more over the holiday season.

The poll finds that Americans are likely to drink 100% more between Thanksgiving and New Years than they do throughout the rest of the year. It seems 69% of people say they will be socializing during the holidays, and while most people go to, on average, one social event a week, during a non-holiday week, that number goes up to three times a week during the holidays. 

And with all those events, comes booze, and for a lot of folks, too much booze. All that partying will lead to three alcohol-related rough mornings during the holidays, with the average American late to work three times during the season, with 70% adding that it makes them less productive in the office. Even worse, the average American will call in sick twice during the holiday season. 

  • Meanwhile, the poll also sought to find out what everyone is drinking over the holidays. The top holiday drink is Eggnog (40%), followed by coffee with Baileys (34%), and a Christmas beer (28%).

Source: SWNS Digital

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a stressful time, and that’s particularly true if you’re forced to go home for the holidays, and actually stay with your family in one home. 

A new poll by Motel 6 finds that 98% of holiday travelers are stressed out during the holidays, with 20% already being pressured to stay with their family during the holidays. Of those people staying with family, 67% will be stressed about it, with overcrowding and lack of privacy the most common stressors that come with staying at home. 

While 68% of people say cost is the main reason they stay with family over the holidays, guilt can also be a huge factor. In fact, 61% of folks wish they could get a “get out of feeling guilty” card so they could stay somewhere else, while 82% would love someone to gift them a night at a hotel or motel during the holidays.

  • And all this stress is certainly bad for relationships. The poll finds hat 48% of people believe they’d get along better with their families if they didn’t have to stay with them. But get this - 51% say they’d get along better with their significant other if they didn’t have to stay with relatives during the season.

 Source: Market Watch

The holidays are hectic when you’re trying to get all the shopping done and wrapped, and trying to get your kiddos to a few holiday events and activities, on top of all the regular everyday life stuff. So the last thing some parents want to deal with is the dang Elf on the Shelf and its daily needs. But if that makes you feel a little Scrooge-y, there’s another option that lands somewhere between the needy Elf and doing nothing at all.

Meet Santa's Lazy Gnome. He’s an adorable plush little old man, complete with a long gray beard, and he comes with a story book explaining that he doesn’t need to move everyday because he can see the kids from anywhere. This lazy gnome was created by Julie DeForest, a mom who’s been through Elf on the Shelf burnout and then figured out a better way.

Santa’s lazy gnome can watch your children from anywhere with his amazing superpowers and will know if they’ve been good or bad while at school or at the grocery store, so he can help Santa with his nice and naughty lists. And the best part for parents? He likes to stay put, so nobody has to spend any precious holiday time on moving him around at night, which leaves more time for cheesy holiday movies.

Source: PopSugar

As much as parents love their kids, arguments are bound to happen, and according to a new poll, they happen A LOT.

The survey finds that parents will argue with their kids five times a week between the ages of two and 18, which amounts to 4,200 arguments over the span of 16 years. And we’re not talking quick arguments. In fact, the average argument lasts 14 minutes, with parents winning only about 60% of them. 

As for the biggest source of those arguments, household chores tops the list (69%), followed by messy bedrooms (64%) and not cleaning shared spaces (63%). Other hot topics include homework (63%) and bedtime (52%).

  • Parents do admit that less than 40% of the arguments they have with their kids are serious, but that doesn’t mean they’re not draining. The truth is 39% of parents say there was a time they felt they were constantly fighting with their kids, with 12 being the age kids are most argumentative.
  • So, for the parents who do win an argument, what are they doing to come out victorious? Well, 66% say they bribe their kids, with dessert or extra screen time the most popular bribes. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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