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As parents, a big part of our job is trying to raise our kids to be good citizens. That’s why we help them learn responsibility by doing chores, we show them how to get involved with the community by volunteering, and model treating others with kindness and respect. But another thing we do as good citizens is vote in every election, so we should be involving our kids in that as well.

Amber Coleman-Mortley with iCivics explains that if we hope to raise our children to be adults who vote, we should bring them with us to the polls during every election. She suggests we should start them young, in elementary school, and that we shouldn’t just show them how we vote, we should talk to them about who we’re casting our ballot for and why.

“Then talk about what happens if your candidate doesn’t win,” Coleman-Mortley says. “Part of being a good citizen is figuring out what you can do next.”

  • And if you’ve never taken your kids to the polls with you, today’s midterm election is a great time to start. Watching you vote could get your kiddo interested, especially if you let them hit the button to cast your ballot after you’ve made all your choices.

Source: Lifehacker

Guidelines against spanking and other physical forms of punishment have been around for decades, and now, the America Academy of Pediatrics is doubling dow. In guidance released in the journal "Pediatrics," the group recommends using “healthy forms of discipline” such as positive reinforcement, and setting limits and expectations.

The organization says spanking and other forms of physical punishment, threatening, insulting, and shaming are OUT. Instead, pediatricians are now tasked with sharing data on available discipline options and helping parents choose what to use.

Time outs are recommended for toddlers and preschoolers, while the preferred means for older children is letting natural consequences play out. In the case of running into traffic, that natural consequence is having to hold the parent’s hand while crossing the street from now on.

Source: CNN

If you want a healthier heart, reach for red foods. No we don’t mean red meat, but veggies and fruits. If you haven’t heard of anthocyanins, they are the red pigments that have flavonoids in them.

The foods with anthocyanins? Acai, cranberries, Montmorency tart cherries, red cabbage, blood oranges, raspberries, and some not so red foods like eggplant, black raspberries, concord grapes, wild blueberries and more.

It turns out that anthocyanins help reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and related death. That miracle pigment can improve cholesterol, blood pressure and is being looked at for reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Source: Business Insider

Ready or not, Thanksgiving is almost here and while there’s nothing you can do now to stop your uncle from bringing up politics at the dinner table, you can tackle a few kitchen tasks early to get ready for the holiday. None of these jobs take too long, but getting them crossed off your to-do list now will make your holiday cooking go easier later.

  • Run self-clean on your oven - If your oven smells a little when you first turn it on, it’s probably old food in the bottom and the self-clean cycle can help. It’s when the oven super heats and burns off all that nastiness that’s been stuck inside since you last ran the self-clean cycle. It typically takes a few hours and you should probably be home while it’s running, since the appliance basically becomes a self-contained inferno.
  • Get your knives sharpened - Did you know dull knives are easier to cut yourself with? So head into Thanksgiving prep with freshly sharpened knives and keep everyone safer. Some kitchen shops offer the service and there are even mobile knife sharpeners in some areas who’ll come do it at your place.
  • Test your oven temperature - Following the recipe to a T doesn’t help if your oven temperature is off, but finding out is easy. Just get a little oven thermometer, stick it in there and when the oven heats up, make sure the thermometer matches what the oven says. If it doesn’t, check your oven’s manual to recalibrate before Turkey Day.
  • Wipe down the dishes you use only once a year - You probably haven’t seen your gravy boat since last Christmas, and chances are the same goes for your big roasting rack, the meat carving tools, and pie plates. So instead of waiting until the night before Thanksgiving to get them out and clean, get out all the once-a-year dishes and start scrubbing now.
  • Clean out your fridge and freezer - There’s never enough room in the fridge for all the leftovers so make your game of refrigerator Tetris easier by getting rid of some of the old stuff in there. Ditching expired or unidentifiable food now will make cleaning up so much easier or you can save your fun to celebrate National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November 15th.

Source: Huffington Post

Think one voice can’t make a difference? When eight-year-old Daliah Lee only saw male athletes featured on the back of Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain cereal box, she wondered where the girls were. So the Australian girl wrote the company a letter asking them about it.

“There are only pictures of boys doing something awesome,” Lee wrote in her letter. “Why can’t girls be on the back?”

And Kellogg’s responded, but Lee says she felt “very disappointed” by their reply. “Sorry you did not like this particular product … we hope you find other products of ours that you can enjoy,” they wrote back. So the little girl started a campaign asking others to sign a petition to help her cause, pointing out that only showing guys was “offending to girls who can do amazing things too.” And that’s when the company finally heard Lee’s message.

Now Kellogg’s has pledged to roll out new packaging in 2019. “Hearing Daliah’s passion … we’ve decided that we will update the pack imagery with images of both females and males … so that we can continue to inspire all Aussies no matter their gender,” the company says. So this kid got a company to change its mind, pretty much by herself and that’s impressive, but this isn’t the last we’ll hear from her. Lee says she hopes to be Prime Minister of Australia one day and she’s well on her way.

Source: New York Post

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