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The First Thing People Would Do If They Won The Lottery

October 23, 2018

The country is going lottery crazy thanks to a $1.6-billion Mega Millions jackpot up for grabs, and we bet there are plenty of people out there already thinking about what they would do with the money if they won. But, according to a new survey, the one thing most Americans would do if they won may actually surprise you.

A poll by TD Ameritrade finds that the thing most people would do if they won the lottery is share it with other people (33%), followed by saving and investing in the future (21%). And while you’d think most people’s first move would be to quit their job, only 9% of people said that’s what they’d run and do (liars)

Of course, not every generation has the same thoughts. When it comes to Millennials, save and invest in the future and get out of debt is the top thing they’d do, and then they’d quit their job. They are also more likely to keep the money for themselves, with sharing with others ranking sixth.

And while previous research suggests that money won’t necessarily buy you happiness, folks don’t necessarily see it that way. In fact, 80% of people in the poll believe that winning the lottery would improve their lives.

Source: Moneyish

Most Americans Delay Going To The Doctor

October 23, 2018

While there are some hypochondriacs who probably head to the doctor with ever sneeze or ache they suffer, it turns out most Americans aren’t so quick to seek professional help with something that ails them.

According to a new survey, 60% of Americans have put off going to the doctor. In fact, the average person will wait up to 11 months between the time they realize they have a medical issue and when they go to seek care. As for why folks stay away, sadly, 51% say it’s due to financial concerns, while 42% simply don’t believe their condition is serious enough and 30% chalk it up to just being too busy.

Meanwhile, the conditions folks are most likely not to seek care for include general aches and pains, followed by a sprain or insomnia.

Top Ten Things People Are Least Likely To Seek Medical Attention For

  1. General aches and pains
  2. Sprain
  3. Insomnia/sleep problems
  4. Ringing Ears
  5. Stiffness
  6. Back pain
  7. Infected cut
  8. Hearing loss
  9. Continuous headaches
  10. Earaches

Source: SWNS Digital

Childcare Is Officially Unaffordable Across The U.S.

October 23, 2018

It’s no secret that it having a baby isn’t exactly cheap, and that’s particularly true when it comes to child care. Unless you can afford to stay home with your kid, or have parents or in-laws willing to watch them when you are at work, it’s going to cost you. 

So when it comes to childcare, just how bad is it really? Well,  a new report by Child Care Aware of America finds that the cost of child care is basically unaffordable in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. More specifically, the cost of center-based infant care is 27% higher than the median household income for single working parents.

What’s more, in 35 states and DC, child care fees for two children in 2017 was more than most people’s mortgage payments, and in 28 states and DC the cost of center-based care for an infant was more than a year of tuition at a four-year public college.

  • Of course, child care costs are more expensive in some states than others. The report finds the least affordable state for center-base care for toddlers is Massachusetts, while for infants it’s California. The other most unaffordable states for both infants and toddlers include Utah, Oregon, Minnesota, New York, Washington and Hawaii.

Source: Child Care Aware

Americans Still Aren’t Saving Money

October 23, 2018

Experts are always telling people they should have some money in the bank for emergencies, but it appears as though no matter how many times folks hear they warnings there are still plenty of people who aren't listening.

According to a new GoBankingRates survey, 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account, with 32% having absolutely no savings at all. Unfortunately, this is actually a decline over last year, when 57% of people said they had less than $1,000 in their savings. 

It’s probably not much of a surprise but the older you are, the more likely you’ll have money in your savings account, although Millennials aren’t doing a completely terrible job. In fact, young Millennials have the smallest percentage of folks without savings, 26%, other than those over 65. Those in Gen X actually are the worst when it comes to savings with 37% of those 35 to 44 and 62% of those 45 to 54 having no savings at all. 

As for what is preventing most folks from putting money away, the top responses include: 

  • I’m living paycheck-to-paycheck (31%)
  • I have a low salary (23%)
  • I have a high cost of living (18%)
  • I have too much debt (14%)
  • I don’t have a savings account (7%)
  • I forget to put money into savings (7%)
  • ONE MORE THING! For those with savings, the main thing they are saving that money for is retirement (29%), followed by a home (27%) and a vacation (20%). 


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