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It’s no secret that women, for the most part, don’t earn the same amount of money as men, often when they are doing the same job. The gender pay gap is real, but it turns out there are some states where women are treated a bit more equally than they are in others.

Well, now GoBankingRates has come out with a list of the States with the Biggest (and Smallest) Gender Pay Gaps, and the results may be a bit surprising.

The state with the smallest gender pay gap is Florida, $6,725, although it may not necessarily be for the best reason. The site suggests the gap is so small because it’s the state where male employees earn the least in the nation. The median income for men is $33,745, while women earn about 80% of that, $27,20.

Top Ten States With The Smallest Gender Pay Gaps

  1. Florida
  2. Nevada
  3. Arizona
  4. Vermont
  5. North Carolina
  6. Hawaii
  7. Arkansas
  8. New Mexico
  9. Tennessee
  10. New York 

While age really is just a number, there does come a point in life where we all start feeling it, and realize we are no longer as young as we once were, and really aren’t as young as we may feel. Of course, it isn't easy to accept that you fall into the category of “middle aged," but a new survey may give you a clue as to whether or not you are there yet. 

According to the poll, the actual age when folks are considered middle age is, believe it or not, 47, although being middle aged isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, 52% of people say being middle aged just means someone is more likely to know what they want out of life. 

So, what are some of the top signs that you have reached middle age? Well, apparently the biggest sign is that you start noticing people at your job who aren’t “your age,” and are young enough to be your children, although on a positive note, another sign is that you suffer fools less than when you were younger. 

Top Ten Signs You’re Middle Aged(click here for the complete list)

  1. You start to notice people at work aren’t "your age," and could potentially be your children
  2. You suffer fools less than you did previously
  3. You start checking your face and body for grey hairs and wrinkles
  4. You visit the opticians after realizing you perhaps do need glasses after all
  5. You realize you’re older than most of the authors, actors and musicians you like
  6. You start considering a cruise holiday
  7. Being happy to spend big money on things you know will last, like a garden fence or new flooring in your home
  8. You accept you’re now a dress size bigger and there is nothing you can do about it
  9. You love scouring the home and garden stores
  10. You feel you know more about politics than ever before

Source: SWNS Digital

Most of us like to feel like we’ve got our stuff together in life, but if you have kids, chances are, you just don’t. And if you’re lucky, you have a couple of close sympathetic friends to share your motherhood confessions with, because they’re probably flying by the seat of their pants too. Blogger and mom Amy Weatherly feels our pain and put it all out there in a post about all the things parents experience, but don’t like to admit, and it’s gone viral because we’re all living it.

Weatherly’s You might be a normal mom IF” post nails it with gems like …

  • You joined the gym for the childcare
  • You’ve ever used a frozen burrito as an ice pack
  • You’ve ever yelled “STOP YELLING!” at the top of your lungs
  • You’ve ever lost your keys three times in two days
  • You have a half a box of Lucky Charms cereal with no marshmallows because the kids have picked through them all
  • You have between 5 and 10 different piles of laundry
  • You’ve bought cookies, taken them out of the container, put them on a platter and passed them off as homemade
  • You’ve ever helped your kid look for a toy you actually threw away a few days ago
  • Your Netflix suggestions are a mix of “Breaking Bad,” “Captain Underpants,” and “Boss Baby”
  • Your kids wonder where you’re going because you actually put makeup on
  • You only own one bra that fits
  • You feel like you say “don’t pick your nose” more than “I love you,” or anything else for that matter

Weatherly says she thinks the list resonates with parents because “we just want to know that we’re doing okay and that our kids are going to be okay, even though we messed up ten thousand times and have absolutely no idea what we’re doing.” And she’s pretty much right. Knowing we’re not the only ones fumbling our way through parenting makes us all feel better at the end of the day.

Source: Babble

As much as we love our partners, there’s nothing like female friendships. We could probably get by without ever having another date, but we’d never survive without the support and encouragement we get from our besties. And now there’s a survey confirming just how precious our BFFs are to us, revealing more than half of women say they prefer the company of their best friend to their husband.

The survey, conducted by Champney Health Spa in the U.K., asked 1,517 married women about their friendships and relationships and it turns out, many women consider their female friends closer than family. Of those surveyed, 44% admit they confide in their bestie more than their hubby and many say their BFF is “less irritating” than their spouse. Another area female friends ranked higher than life partners? Giving advice.

The spa also says it’s “pretty telling” that women are more likely to bring their best friends to a day of indulging treatments at the spa, but that may have more to do with the husbands not being as interested in a clay mask or foot massage as their lady loves. Sure, some guys like to get pampered as much as their partners, but there are times when nothing beats spending time with your best friend.

Source: Whimn

You can get the flu shot and do your best to stay healthy, but you’ve still got to go to work during cold and flu season, which means you’re going to be exposed to all the germs your sick coworkers drag in with them. Aside from getting plenty of sleep and regular exercise, keeping these items at your desk in the office can help you be more prepared when flu season hits at work, because you know it will.

  • A soothing hand sanitizer - Hand sanitizer can be your best friend during cold and flu season, especially if you work in an office, but an aloe-infused formula also helps protect your skin from its dehydrating effects.
  • An eco-friendly screen-cleaner - You’ll want this to get the germs off any shared computers and devices you use at work and for your phone and computer as well.
  • Disinfecting wipes - Since we can’t force sick people to stay home, these wipes can help sanitize surfaces everyone in the office touches, like doors, counters, copiers, printers, and well, pretty much every surface.
  • A throw blanket - According to Harvard research, the flu thrives in cold temperatures and that’s also when our immune system is suppressed, so fight the cold with a cozy blanket to keep you warm at your desk.
  • Some soothing tea - Sip on some green tea to boost your immune system.
  • The really, really soft tissues - Even if you never get a cold or the flu, you’ll still probably experience the sniffles this season, so treat yourself to some deluxe tissues that won’t chap your nose.
  • Immunity-boosting probiotics - Flu season is a good time to try out probiotics if you haven’t before because protecting your gut health can keep your body ready to fight off any bugs and germs it comes into contact with.
  • A trusty hand lotion - Since you’ll be washing your hands dozens of times a day and it’s cooler and drier outside, you’ll need an excellent lotion to soothe your dry skin while you’re working at your desk, huddled up in that blanket.

Source: Bustle

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