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Whenever Apple or any other company reveals the latest additions to their Smartphone offerings they usually highlight innovations like a great new camera, or a virtually unbreakable screen, and while those are all well and good, they aren't the most important things to most phone users. 

A new survey finds that the most important smartphone feature for most people is actually battery life. Of course, different generations place more importance on different features. For example, memory or storage was the most important feature for 18 to 34-year-olds, while those 45 to 55+ are more interested in a smartphone carrier, which is one of the least important things to people 18 to 44.

Cameras are also a big deal for younger generations, with 18 to 24-year-olds noting it is the most important smartphone feature for them. This probably isn’t shocking, considering the survey also finds that most people in that age range admit to taking selfies nearly once every two days.

  • As for what people are using their smartphones for the most, well, turns out it’s email. In fact, respondents say they check emails an average of 26.3 days a month. 

Source: Financial Content

As we previously told you, Disney recently announced changes to how they’re going to charge customers for tickets to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, with busier times of the year costing more than quieter weeks and months. Well, with the changes going into affect this week, we now know when folks will spend the most, and the least, and not surprising, those with kids will likely still be paying a lot. 

Peak attendance days, like over the summer and during Christmas break will, obviously, set parents back more. For example, a four-day pass between December 26th and 29th, when kids are out of school, will cost $433.44, or about $109, but if you go just a month later, between January 26thto 29th, the prices go down to $373.43 for four days, or $94 a day.

“The least expensive [dates] I saw were the last two weeks of January through the second week of February,” Cara Goldsbury of Glass Slipper Concierge, a Disney-certified travel agency, says, noting that late August and early September, when kids are back in school, is also cheaper.

And while some folks were worried the new ticketing system and pricing would be confusing, Goldsbury says it looks pretty straightforward, and notes it will likely help Disney in their goals towards making the park less crowded. She adds, “When [guests] find out that it’s going to be so much more enjoyable at a less crowded time or less expensive time, they can put that money that they’re saving into doing a VIP tour or something, having a much more enjoyable vacation."

Source: New York Post 

When people get hitched, most of them proudly wear their wedding rings so everyone knows that they have found “The One,” but it turns out there are some married folks who slip that ring off now and again, and now some are spilling the beans as to why. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has marrieds revealing the reasons why they take off their wedding ring and some have us questioning why they ever got married in the first place.

Reasons folks take off their wedding ring include:

  • “When I’m mad at my fiancé I take off my ring. I haven’t worn it in about a week.”
  • “I take off my wedding ring when I see someone who could make my husband be my future ex-husband.”
  • “I’m 40.5 weeks pregnant and had to take off my wedding ring because my fingers were swelling. I’ve already gotten dirty looks and people telling me I ruined my life being an ‘unwed teen mom.’”
  • “When I go to a bar I take off my wedding ring so guys will by me drinks.”
  • “I’m a pole dance teacher and I work at a bar, but I take off my wedding ring for both because it helps business.”
  • “Sometimes I take off my wedding ring and let guys hit on me when my husband’s not around to boost my ego. I’ll never ever cheat though.”
  • “I take off my ring to flirt with other men. My husband never wears his ring and flirts with other girls. Fair is fair.”
  • “Sometimes when I’m home alone I take off my wedding ring and imagine I’m free. I should have never married him.”
  • “I take off my wedding ring when I poop because I’m deathly afraid of it falling off into the toilet.”

Source: Daily Mail

The temperatures outside are dropping and the leaves are changing colors so it’s safe to say we’re in full-on fall now. Some folks may be sad to see summer go with it’s long days and sunshine warming their shoulders, but fall really is the best season of the year, especially for moms, and this is why.

  • No more summer clothes - So no more worrying if your toenails look cute so you can wear strappy sandals and not wearing a bathing suit in public means not having to deal with that whole grooming situation. Fall means leggings, comfy sweatshirts, and boots and we’re thankful for that.
  • It’s furry ankle season - Those leggings we’ll be wearing until spring means we don’t have to shave our legs anymore either.
  • Short days, dark nights - It’s tough to get kids to bed early when the sun is still shining at 9 p.m., but when it’s dark at 6:30, bedtime is so much easier.
  • Candy season - Moms need to “inspect” their kids candy and get rid of any “suspicious” pieces, along with like half the Reese’s Cups, before letting the kiddos have it.
  • Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING - We don’t care if it’s basic, it’s delicious.
  • Peak social media cuteness - With all the back-to-school pics, apple orchard snaps, and adorable Halloween photos, fall means cute pictures all day on Facebook and Instagram.
  • There’s no such thing as “fall cleaning” - And if there is, we don’t want to hear about it until spring. So fall means less cleaning, more couch time and that’s another reason it’s the best.
  • Fall is healthier - There are fewer sunburns, heat strokes, frostbite, and mosquito bites happening, so that makes this season healthier, right?

Source: The Stir

Carving pumpkins can be a fun family tradition, but let’s be honest, pumpkin guts are pretty gross. And while we’re creating our jack-o’-lanterns, we’re tempted to just trash the slimy, messy innards, and then toss the carved gourd a few days later, but there’s actually a lot that could be done with that pumpkin and it’s insides. Here’s how to put your pumpkin to good use after Halloween:

  • Toasted seeds - Set the pumpkin seeds aside when you’re carving your jack-o’-lantern and then wash the pulpy part off and lay the seeds out to dry completely. Then toast them with oil, butter, or your favorite seasonings and you’ve got a tasty snack from what you would’ve just thrown away.
  • Pumpkin juice - If you’re into smoothies and homemade juices, save the stringy bits when you scoop out your pumpkin and add boiling water to the mess and let it soak for 30 minutes. Then mash the guts with a fork and remove all the solid bits and you’re left with a bright orange liquid to add to juices, sauces, smoothies or other seasonal recipes.
  • Pickled rinds - If the rind of your recently carved pumpkin doesn’t show any signs of mold or rot, it can be pickled, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Bird feed - Dry your pumpkin seeds out but don’t add any salt or seasonings and they make a seasonal treat to leave out for your feathered friends.
  • Pumpkin chips - Make this healthy snack by skinning the pumpkin and cutting it into thin, chip-size slices. Toss in olive oil and lots of Kosher salt or other spices you like. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 400 until chips are crispy and golden.
  • Food fight - If you’re so burned out from all the carving, costume making, decorating, and trick-or-treating that you don’t feel like fooling with pumpkin guts, channel your inner child and have a messy food fight instead. Just be prepared for your kid to hurl a handful of pumpkin innards at your face.

Source: USA Today

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