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It’s no secret that Americans leave a lot of vacation days on the table each year and it seems every year the number of days not used gets worse. In fact, according to a new Expedia survey, vacation deprivation is currently at a five-year high.

The survey finds that 58% off Americans feel very or somewhat vacation deprived, which is up from 53% last year. And just like last year, Millennials are suffering the most, with 68% saying they are vacation deprived and most of them receiving two less days on average than any other generation (12).

As for why folks aren’t taking their vacations, finances are the biggest factor, with 54% of people saying they can’t afford to take a trip, up 11% from last year. Other top reasons include the desire to bank vacation days (23%) and inability to get time off work (17%). Things are so bad that for 63% of Americans it’s been six months or more since they’ve gone on vacation, with 28% going a year or more.

  • But there’s no doubt vacations are a necessary thing. The survey finds whether a vacation is long (a week or more) or short (two to three days), most people liked themselves more when they got back. They also felt more confident in their ability to solve problems and more hopeful and outgoing. Vacation can also be good for your mental health, with 81% of people saying their primary goal for a vacation is “mental wellness,” with 91% saying vacations are the best chance to “hit the reset button” on anxiety and stress.

Source: Expedia

If you’re a really responsible adult who’s already bought Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters, good for you! But having all those itty bitty candy bars in the house also makes it so easy to talk yourself into snacking on one or seven every night. The thing is? Even though the candies are small, those calories add up quickly. We’ll tell you just how quickly, but be warned – it might make you want to rethink reaching into your trick-or-treater stash for that 12th Reese’s cup.

So let’s talk jumping jacks. A minute of vigorous jumping jacks, which is about 60, burns nine calories. That sounds like a lot of work to burn off an uncontrollable Reese’s habit. This is how long it takes to burn off one fun-size of these popular candies (calculations based on a 150-pound woman.)

  • 3 Musketeers - 63 calories, 420 jumping jacks, or seven minutes worth.
  • 100 Grand - 95 calories, 634 jumping jacks, or doing them for 10 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Almond Joy - 80 calories, 534 jumping jacks, or eight minutes 54 seconds of them.
  • Butterfinger - 85 calories, 567 jumping jacks, or nine minutes 24 seconds worth.
  • Heath Bar - 77 calories, 514 jumping jacks, or eight minutes 34 seconds.
  • Kit Kat - 70 calories, 467 jumping jacks, or seven minutes 48 seconds of them.
  • M&M’s Plain - 73 calories, 487 jumping jacks, or eight minutes 12 seconds worth.
  • M&M’s Peanut - 90 calories, 600 jumping jacks, or a solid 10 minutes of them.
  • Milky Way - 80 calories, 534 jumping jacks, or eight minutes 24 seconds worth.
  • Nerds - 50 calories, and just 334 jumping jacks, or a quick five minutes 36 seconds.
  • Nestle Crunch - 60 calories, an even 400 jumping jacks, or six minutes 42 seconds of them.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - 110 amazing calories, 734 jumping jacks, or an exhausting 12 minutes 12 seconds worth. That’s a long time, but totally worth it for a Reese’s, right?
  • Skittles - 80 calories, 534 jumping jacks, or eight minutes 54 seconds of them
  • Snickers - 80 calories, 534 jumping jacks, or eight minutes 54 seconds
  • Whoppers - 100 calories, 667 jumping jacks, or 11 minutes six seconds worth.

Check out the full list of candies here.

Source: PopSugar

While people will often debate whether a cat or a dog makes a better house pet, it seems kids these days have other ideas. Believe it or not, a new survey finds children and teens would rather have rats. 

That’s right, the survey, conducted by Right Pet, finds that adults and kids who ether currently own, or have owned animals between the ages of 10 and 17, share that pet rats gave them more satisfaction than any other type of pets.

So, what exactly do they love about these domesticated rats?  Well, the top reasons include:

  • Rats don't cost a lot to keep
  • Owning a rat builds self-esteem
  • Rats are smart and loving
  • Rats are sex (and death) educational
  • Rats are clean and won't give people the plague
  • Rats freak parents out (which kids love)

There are some downsides to pet rats though. They tend to live only two to three years, plus they can be noisy at night, they like to chew things and they need their cage cleaned several times a week. 

Source: Right Pet

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