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While some of us don’t want to start thinking about holiday shopping yet, it’s almost that time, and while gift giving should be a joyful thing, it turns out some people are holding on to some deep secrets when it comes to holiday shopping. 

It seems while most people are just looking to get a thoughtful gift for someone they love, there are plenty of people who have other things on their mind. A new Coinstar poll finds that 26% of people admit they treat gift giving like a competitive sport,  purposely setting out to one up someone else.

And then there are the people who put no thought into a gift. In fact, some don't buy gifts at all.  Believe it or not, 65% of people say they are re-gifters, with only 19% of people feelling guilty about it. Surprised by someone giving you a gift? Well, there are plenty of people who take precautions so that doesn’t happen. In fact, 45% of people say they buy backup gifts just in case they get an unexpected gift from someone else.

  • Overall, most folks don’t seem to be in a rush for the holiday shopping season to start. It seems 36% of people get irritated when retailers start putting up holiday decorations early. What’s more, 19% say just thinking about holiday shopping stresses them out. And office gift giving is also very stressful, with 35% of people admitting they have anxiety over their office Secret Santa.

Source: Business Journals

As we get closer to cold weather season, more and more people will be coming to the office with coughs and sniffles, begging the question, why don’t people stay home when they are sick?

Well, a new survey by Mucinex finds that 63% of adults, or 153 million people, admit they would try to hide being sick out of a fear of missing out on things they wanted to do. Meanwhile, another 35% of people believe they’d be considered superheroes for coming to work despite being sick.

But let’s face it, most co-workers don’t want you around when you are coughing and hacking. In fact, 82% of Americans say they wish people battling cold and flu symptoms would just stay home.

  • The truth is, nobody likes being sick, and there are a lot of things people would be willing to do if it means not catching something. The survey finds that 47% of people would give up social media for a month if it meant they wouldn’t have cold and flu symptoms for the next five years, while 37% would give up ordering takeout for a year. And as awful as jury duty may be, 25% would be willing to serve every day for a month if it meant they wouldn’t get sick.

Source: Market Watch 

The holidays will be here before you know it, and while some people look forward to spending time with family, or even getting gifts, let’s face it, the thing we are most looking forward to is the food.

It’s no secret that the holidays can wreck havoc on our diets, and most of us usually feel bad about it. A new survey by Quest Nutrition finds that 87% of Americans admit the experience increased food cravings over the holiday season, with 97% giving into those cravings, and 26% giving into them every time the opportunity arises. And while all that food may taste yummy, another 75% of people say they feel guilty after they’ve succumbed to that craving.

So, what holiday foods do people crave most? Believe it or not, chocolate chip cookies are the thing people give into the most (44%), followed by pumpkin pie (41%). But not every craving is sweet. In fact 39% of people crave mashed potatoes, while 36% crave turkey.

Top Ten Most Tempting Sweet Holiday Foods

  1. Chocolate chip cookies (44%)
  2. Pumpkin pie (41%)
  3. Brownies (37%)
  4. Apple pie (33%)
  5. Ice cream (31%)
  6. Sugar cookies (30%)
  7. Cupcakes (28%)
  8. Snickerdoodle cookies (24%)
  9. Pecan pie (24%)
  10. Red velvet cake (21%)

Top Ten Most Tempting Sweet Holiday Foods

1. Mashed potatoes (39%)2. Turkey (36%)3. Stuffing (31%)3. Rolls (31%)3. Mac n cheese (31%)6. Ham (30%)7. Sweet potatoes or candied yams (25%)8. Green bean casserole (21%)9. Cranberry sauce (17%)10. Creamed corn (11%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

We all know that carrying around extra pounds isn’t great for our health, but a new study suggests it may be better to just keep those few extra L-Bs than to keep losing and gaining the weight over and over. 

A study published in the journal “Circulation” claims that yo-yo dieters, who are constantly loosing and gaining weight, are more likely to die from a heart attack or stroke than those who maintain a steady weight, even if that weight is a little bit more than it should be.

The study, conducted over seven years by researchers from Catholic University of Korea in Seoul, found that those who had dramatic weight changes between doctors visits were 127% more likely to die. They were also 43% more likely to have heart attacks and 41% more likely to have a stroke and this was true even for those dieters who actually lost weight.

  • Although trying to lose weight and keep it off is still the healthiest thing to do, senior study author Seung-Hwan Leenotes, “Trying to stabilize these measurements may be an important step in helping people improve their health.”

Source: New York Post

We love hearing about a study that makes us feel good for doing something we’re already doing and today, it’s about eating one of our favorite things: pizza. Researchers in Italy checked out the effects of a diet including our beloved pizza and discovered that it can actually help cut the risk of cancer.

Scientists from the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmaceutical Research in Milan found that dining on pizza bi-weekly can reduce the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus by 59%, mouth cancer by 34%, and colon cancer by 26%. So what’s in a savory pie that’s helping our health? The antioxidant lycopene, which is found in tomatoes.

Lycopene has plenty of health benefits on its own, but when you’re eating a food rich in it that also has plenty of fat, it’s even more potent. Since lycopene is fat-soluble, that mozzarella cheese on your pizza helps you absorb more of it’s cancer-fighting goodness with each bite. So when you’re enjoying your next Margherita pizza, think of it as health food.

Source: Women's Health

Kanye West is one of the latest celebrities to quit Twitter and Instagram, joining other stars like Ruby Rose, Millie Bobby Brown, and Ed Sheeran who’ve shut down their social media accounts before. They’ve all got their own reasons for taking a break, but a lot of it comes down to backlash and bullying.

And as great as it is to scroll through sometimes and keep up with what everyone is doing, studies show social media actually makes us feel lonely and miserable, which is not exactly what you’re going for when you’re wasting time on your phone. So if one comment can ruin your day or you feel like crap after looking at Instagram, maybe you’ve considered cutting back on your social media time or quitting altogether. And if that’s the case, these science-backed reasons support your choice.

  • It exposes you to cyberbullying - Statistics show that more than half of teens have been bullied online, with 87% reporting it happened on Facebook and 18% on Twitter. Cyberbullying is linked to low self-esteem, anger, frustration, and even thoughts of suicide.
  • Trolls may be actual psychopaths - Several studiesquizzed online users about things like whether they “enjoy physically hurting people” and found the meanest commenters show traits of narcissism, sadism, and psychopathy.
  • It’s isolating - A recent study finds that the more time people spend on social media, the more alone they feelGet this - spending over two hours on sites like Instagram and Facebook can double your chance of feeling socially isolated, compared to scrolling for half an hour or less.
  • It makes you spend more - When we see our friends living the high life, we want in, too. And research shows seeing friends’ pics of their perfect plate or vacation makes around four in 10 adults more likely to look for a similar meal or getaway. A third of millennials report feeling pressured to keep up with friends’ spending habits and two-thirds say they compare their lives to others because of social media.
  • It lets companies track you - When you “like” and follow brands and influencers on Facebook and other social media networks, advertisers are following your digital footprint. That’s why you get those targeted ads on other sites.

Source: Moneyish

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