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America loves to dine out, and when we do we are assuming the restaurants we eat in safe and clean. Sadly,  as most of us know all too well, regardless of that inspection sticker on the wall, there could be some very gross things happening in the kitchen.

While some of us would rather remain clueless, some restaurant workers are now spilling the beans to Buzzfeed about some of the grossest things they’ve witnessed, and after you hear them, you may start thinking about cooking at home again.

Gross things restaurant workers have witnessed include:

  • “One day the ice machine was jammed so a customer asked for help to unclog it. One of the workers walked into the bathroom and back out with a toilet plunger, then started using it to break up the ice."
  • A hotel worker said they went to clean the machine where they got the orange juice and found “a ton of dead fruit flies... and an excessive amount of mold."
  • "I work in a pizza place that serves chicken wings. I have witnessed on several occasions wings rolling onto the floor as they're being put in the oven, then being picked up and put right back with the rest of them."
  • “I saw one of the cooks, who was notorious for not wearing gloves, sneeze into his hand then proceed to top a pizza. I passed on every staff meal after that."
  • "I once listened to a group of cooks trying to figure out if there were too many maggots in a batch of chocolate ganache to use it, or if they could just strain them out."
  • “One morning I pointed out that a mouse had gotten into our bakery's display case. There were mouse pawprints across an entire case of frosted cookies. My boss smoothed over the frosting and told me to sell the cookies anyway."
  • "One time I accidentally dropped an entire box of feta cheese into the trash bin. My boss just picked all of it out, washed it with water, and served it in a salad as if nothing had happened."
  • "I saw a grill cook use his tongs to get something off of the bottom of his shoe, then use that same pair of tongs to continue flipping steaks." 

Source: Buzzfeed

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they need something to boost their confidence and make them feel better about themselves and what will actually provide that boost can be different for different people. Well, a new poll finds that it doesn’t actually have to be anything major to give people the confidence boost they need. In fact, quite often it’s small little things that can do the trick.

According to the survey, one of the most popular confidence boosters is a new haircut (64%), followed by wearing a new outfit (56%) and doing a good deed (53%). Other popular confidence boosters include:

  • Listening to one of your favorite songs (44%)
  • Exercising (38%)
  • Shopping (36%)
  • Talking to a close friend (35%)
  • Receiving a compliment from your boss (35%)
  • Knowing you smell good (34%)
  • Talking to a family member (33%)
  • Promotion at work (29%)

And it seems Americans are getting a lot of those confidence boosters every day. In fact, the average American says they experience two a day, with many saying they could use three. As for the time most people need a confidence boost, it’s apparently 12:30 pm, while summer was taped as the most confident season.

Source: SWNS Digital

The holiday season will be here before you know it, which is why we keep seeing stories about the best toys of the year, so parents will know what their kids will be begging for come Christmas time. Well, if you’re child is a Disney fan, and let’s face it, what kid isn’t, you’re going to want to pay attention.

Disney has just come out with their list of the Top 15 Toys of 2018, which will guarantee your Disney-loving kid some fun over the holiday season. Toys on the list range in price from $24.95 to $139.95, and represent everything from princesses to "Star Wars" and more. 

Disney’s Top 15 Toys of 2018

  • Disney Animators' Collection Mini Doll Gift Set ($99.95)
  • Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure ($29.95)
  • Disney Princess 11-inch Doll Gift Set ($129.95)
  • Bella Tea Cart ($49.95)
  • Mack Carrier with 6 Die-Cast Cars Set – Cars ($79.95)
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Deluxe Play Set ($59.95)
  • Minnie Mouse Farmers Market ($49.95)
  • Marvel Universe Mega Figure Set ($49.95)
  • Millennium Falcon - Star Wars Toybox ($79.95)
  • The Incredible Remote-Control Vehicle ($39.95)
  • Spider-Man Talking Action Figure ($29.95)
  • Disney Parks Holiday Train Set ($139.99)
  • Minnie Mouse Brunch Cooking Set ($29.95)
  • Cinderella Castle Play Set - Walt Disney World ($89.99)
  • Incredibles 2 Deluxe Figure Set ($24.95)
  • ONE MORE THING! Starting October 29th, Disney stars will be handing out the free “2018 Holiday Toy Book,” featuring Disney characters, princesses and more, and they even come with special Disney stickers so kids can mark their faves.

Source: USA Today

Halloween is just weeks away and kids across the country are getting their costumes ready so they can go collect candy, but one Virginia town has some serious rules about trick-or-treating. In Chesapeake, kids over 12 are not allowed to participate in the holiday tradition. And if they do? They could be slapped with fines or face jail time!

Apparently, the town has had the ordinance on the books for a few years now and someone recently shared a screenshot of the harsh rules on Facebook, where it’s gone viral because it’s just so unbelievable. It explains that if anyone over 12 engages in trick-or-treating or any similar activity, “he or she shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25.00 nor more than $100.00 or by confinement in jail for not more than six months or both.”

And that’s not the only wacky rule. Chesapeake, Virginia also only allows trick-or-treating between the hours of 6pm and 8pm and anyone who tries to collect candy after that cut-off time could be in trouble. So if a couple of sixth-graders who are hopped up on a sugar high while out trick-or-treating lose track of time and knock on the door of a cranky neighbor at 8:15, they could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor. Seriously?!

To be fair, Chesapeake isn’t the only city to pass ordinances like these, there are a few other towns in Virginia with rules about Halloween, but come on. Parents say their kids are growing up too fast, so can we please let them trick-or-treat as long as they want to? If they come to the door wearing a costume and are fairly polite, who cares if they’re 14 and it’s 8:15?

Source: Scary Mommy

We’re barely into October, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. And if just the thought of them is making you anxious instead of excited, consider getting organized nice and early this year. You can actually start with these things now to ease your stress when the holidays do finally roll around.

  • Set a gifting budget - Start saving now so you can cover most of your holiday spending and avoid big credit card balances later. How great would it be to pay for all your presents in cash this year?
  • Be smart with your credit card - If you are charging things this holiday, make sure you’re getting as many benefits as you can. Review how your rewards points work so you can earn the most with your holiday spending.
  • Schedule the traditions you don’t want to skip - Before the holiday madness sets in is the best time to plan all the festivities you want to enjoy this year so you don’t miss any. Put important events like driving around to look at holiday lights and baking cookies on the calendar now so you fit them in when the season gets hectic later.
  • Get your holiday cards in order - It’s so easy to put this task off to the point you never even send them, but if you get organized now, that won’t be you this year. Order them online or DIY soon and you’ll be so glad when December rolls around.
  • Do your baking with months to spare - Baked goods can be stored in the freezer for up to three months, so you can get ahead while you have time and then just thaw and serve later.
  • Get your house in shape - Otherwise it’ll be the week of Thanksgiving and your parents are coming in two days and your home isn’t ready. But if you start now and make a list of everything you want to have done by the holidays, you can tackle it little by little and get it all done.

Source: PureWow

Plenty of people feel like their finances are out of control, and according to recent research, it’s young women who feel it most. Millennials reportedly feel more overwhelmed by their financial situations than other generations, but it’s getting to the women more, half of millennial women report feeling overwhelmed by money, compared to just 29% of millennial men.

But there’s an easy fix. “Taking control of money is as simple as being proactive with it,” explains financial planner Mitchell C. Hockenbury. And these steps can help you feel more in control of your finances.

  • Acknowledge your money issue — and realize it’s most likely fixable. Hockenbury says, “Money is just a math problem and a simple one at that.” And if you don’t know how to fix it, there are plenty of people who can. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling can help and this list of resources can too.
  • Spend the day being mindful of your spending. Pay close attention to your purchases so you really consider the amount you spend on lattes, lunches, and drinks.
  • Create a budget this afternoon. There are all kinds of online budgeting tools that can help you reach that goal, from com, Pocket Guard, and You Need a
  • Can’t pay all your bills? Pay these first. When you can’t get to everything, you’ve got to prioritize. Essentials come first, so that’s food, a roof over your head, and transportation. Check out this resource to help figure out which bills are most important before paying any.

Source: Moneyish

Want to torch a ton of calories without getting hurt? Certified strength and conditioning coach Taylor Hynes says low-impact workouts could be just what you need. Low-impact training minimizes risks for pounding, jarring, and shearing forces on the body’s joints, but it doesn’t mean low-intensity.

Hynes says as long as the intensity of your work to rest ratio is appropriate and the intensity of your session is high enough, then you can burn an equal amount of calories with a low-impact workout as a high-impact one. As for which ones burn the most calories, she advises these exercises that improve fitness but won’t strain your body.

  • Swimming - Get your heart-rate up and it can burn a lot of calories, using a kickboard or water jogging can help do that.
  • Kettlebell routines - Add them to your bodyweight exercises, like squats and reverse lunges to work your entire body.
  • Cycling - Whether it’s in a spin class or in the great outdoors, riding a bicycle is a powerful non-impact exercise. The terrain you ride on will affect the intensity of your sweat sesh, but for a massive calorie burn, you need to ride 45 to 90 minutes.
  • Yoga - It seems like a chill exercise, but yoga can be a major calorie burner. The high repetition and variety of movements in yoga sculpt classes make the session intense and give full-body results.
  • Metabolic strength circuits - Get your heart racing by pairing smart exercises together with short rest windows.
  • Rowing - Here it’s all about technique, and yours needs to be spot-on so you don’t overuse or get imbalance injuries.

Source: Insider

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