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When it comes to Halloween costumes, more and more people want to stand out from the crowd, so if you’re thinking of going as Wonder Woman or Batman, you may want to rethink that decision

A new poll finds that this year’s most popular costume is one that nobody else has. That’s right, 25% of people say they are looking for a unique, one-of a kind Halloween costume, followed by a costume that’s funny (19%), scary or gory (17%), cute (15%) or sexy (14%).

Folks should also expect to see a lot of their favorite TV and movie characters, since more people who plan to dress up will likely choose costumes based on pop culture (40%), than classic costumes like witches or werewolves (29%), animals (14%), and professions (8%), with the least popular costume being a political or historical one (5%). We should also expect to see a lot of couples costumes, with 57% of people saying they plan to coordinate their costume with someone, or several people.

  • And it turns out costumes aren’t just for humans. It seems 10% of people plan to put their pet in a Halloween costume, with that number going up to 15% or Millennials. That's just cruel...

Source: Yahoo Finance

October has only just begun, but some folks are already thinking about Thanksgiving, especially all the deals they hope to get when they start their holiday shopping right after their meal. While each year more and more stores open on Thanksgiving to take a bite out of the Black Friday frenzy, there are still plenty that stay closed, and now a report reveals which stores are respecting the holiday and keeping their doors shut.

The website has just come out with their 2018 store closings list, which this year includes 60 stores planning to stay shut on November 22nd. “At this point in the year, we have the most confirmed closures we have ever had with 60 retailers,” Phillip Dengler, head of editorial and content marketing for the site shares.

The website began contacting stores last month to find out their plans, with big name chains like Costco, Ikea, Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Lowe's all confirming their closures. Many of the stores on the list have traditionally stayed closed for the holiday, although each year there are a few that change their plans, like GameStop, which in 2017 stayed open for the first time.

Other stores staying closed include (click here for the complete list):

  • American Girl
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Dillard’s
  • Marshall’s
  • Petco
  • Staples
  • TJ Maxx

Source: USA Today

More people planning to get flu shots this year: Last year’s flu season was one of the worst in decades, and it appears as though lots of folks plan to take steps to prevent that this year. A new poll finds that 57% of Americans plan to get a flu shot this year, which is an increase from 51% two years ago. In fact, the numbers are up in practically all age groups, with those 66 and older the most likely to be getting a flu shot (66%), with only those 55 to 64 showing a decrease, with 49% saying they’ll get one this year, as compared to 58% in 2016.

After a huge brunch with your besties, you know why your stomach is bloated, but other times it’s a total mystery. Even if you’re all about the healthy snacks and salads, you could get dreaded bloat, but you shouldn’t ditch your nutritious eats just because of it. The key is eating those foods that lead to bloating at strategic times.

“Avoid potential bloaters before you know you’re going to be giving a presentation or when you’d like to wear a form-fitting outfit,” explains registered dietitian Cynthia Sass. But if you’re at home already wearing stretchy pants, there’s no reason not to dig into foods that may cause your belly to bulge.

Not sure which foods are to blame? These are some of the most common foods that can cause bloating.

  • Sugar-free gum - It’s the sugar alcohols that can cause major bloating, so watch out for xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, and others on the ingredient list.
  • Sparkling water - LaCroix fans, your beloved bubbly water could inflate your belly, so sip your fizzy drink with caution.
  • Garlic - It’s a FODMAPs food, a group of foods that are poorly absorbed from the GI tract and some folks are just more sensitive to garlic than others.
  • Popcorn - It seems so innocent, but popcorn can cause bloating because of its volume. A serving is three to four cups, so we’re eating a lot of it and it takes up a lot of room in the tummy, but only temporarily.
  • Big salads - The volume thing is in play with salads as well, so it can fill your belly up fast. But the other issue is that some veggies contain those FODMAPs, like cabbage, onions, and mushrooms, so a big salad is probably pretty healthy, but it could leave you with lots of bloating.
  • Coffee - It’s acidic, so if you have a sensitive stomach, coffee can irritate it and cause immediate swelling. And sometimes adding sugar or artificial sweeteners can make it worse, so if you have concerns, keep your cup small and see how you feel while drinking it.

Source: Women's Health

Searching for a job can be stressful and frustrating at any point in your life, but getting back in the game or changing careers after the age of 40 can be even tougher. But being a 40-something doesn’t mean you can’t find a job, you just need some help dealing with the ageist judgement and criticism that you face. Here are some tips from Holly Caplan, a career coach with her own experience as a 40+ woman in the job search trenches.

  • Use your network, not online listings - Instead of sending your resume to career websites, try utilizing your network of colleagues, former business associates and friends to find employers who are hiring and will actually be interested in what you can offer. We roll our eyes at the word “networking,” but it does work and can get your foot in the door.
  • Focus on experience, not graduation dates - Remember that you already have a lot of the skills for success that new grads are still learning. And don’t obsess over being older, get in the mind-set that your experience is an asset.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions - It’s easy to turn into a pushover or a yes-woman if you’re desperate to land a job, but you’ll find the best fit when you genuinely act like yourself.
  • Find a confident mentor - Talk to someone who’s been in the trenches and dealt with the age issue herself and let her experience help you. Having someone to give advice and guidance can help you stay optimistic about career changes.
  • Remember that you're tech literate - Even people born in this millennium won’t have used every app, software, or platform, so don’t feel you need to “admit” you’ve never used a certain program because “you’re old.” Feel confident that you’ll be able to learn any tech knowledge the job requires, because you will be.

Source: PureWow

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