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While these days the media is always trying to get out the message of people being confident in their own skin, that isn’t stopping a lot of people from wanting to change the way they look, and a lot are thinking about going under the knife to do so.

A new poll finds that 37% of adults are thinking about having some sort of cosmetic treatment in the next year, with 34% thinking about nonsurgical procedures, and 24% interested in surgical ones. And it’s not just older people who are looking to get some work done. In fact 49% of those under 45 are considering a procedure in the next year, while only 28% of those 45 and older are. As for genders, both men and women are equally interested (37% women, 38% men).

What specific treatments are most popular? When it comes to cosmetic dentistry (like Invisalign), whitening and veneers, is the non-surgical procedure most people are thinking about...while a tummy tuck is the most popular surgical procedure (32%).

Top Five Non-Surgical Procedures of Those Considering A Procedure

  1. Cosmetic dentistry (36%)
  2. Nonsurgical fat reduction (29%)
  3. Laser hair removal (27%)
  4. Facial skin treatments (26%)
  5. Facial / Lip Fillers (24%)

Top Five Surgical Procedures of Those Considering A Procedure

1. Tummy tuck (32%)2. Liposuction (26%)3. Eyelid surgery (21%)4. Chin or Neck lift (20%)5. Breast augmentation (16%)5. Facelift (16%)

As for why people are considering getting work done:

  • 43% say it’s to improve self-esteem and feel confident
  • 34% say it’s to make them look as good as they feel
  • 32% say it’s to help with weight loss/fat removal
  • 23% say it's to look younger

Source: Business Journals

We all know that taking a vacation is good for the body and mind, but it seems more and more Americans aren’t taking the breaks they really need.

A new survey finds that 51% of Americans haven’t taken a vacation, defined as a leisure trip of at least a week, in more than a year, with 40% saying they haven’t gone on one in more than two years. Meanwhile, only 30% of Americans say they’ve taken a vacation in the past four to 12 months, while 20% have taken one within the past three.

And not only are people not taking vacations, but many of them don’t see them as all that important. Believe it or not,  41% of people say they don’t see the importance of taking a vacation. And while 58% of Americans did say an annual vacation is important to them, that is down from 65% in 2016.

  • Regardless of how important taking a vacation may be, a lot of folks aren’t all that confident they’ll be going anywhere in the next year. In fact, 41% of Americans aren’t confident they’ll take an annual vacation, which is the lowest number since the tail end of 2009’s Great Recession, when only 44% said they were confident about taking a trip.

Source: Business Journals

These days a lot of us get sticker shock when we look at our bills. So many things seem to cost more than they probably should, and a lot of us are just sick of it.

Well, a new poll asked consumers to share the items they consider to be the most overpriced, and concert tickets topped the list. While going to see your favorite band or artists may be fun, 69% of people saying those tickets cost just way too much. Not far behind on the overpriced list is college tuition and healthcare, which 60% of Americans find to be way too expensive.

Top Ten Most Overpriced Items

  1. Concert tickets (69%)
  2. College Tuition (60%)
  3. Health insurance (60%)
  4. Movie theater popcorn (58%)
  5. Gas (58%)
  6. Sport game tickets (58%)
  7. Car repairs (57%)
  8. Movie ticket (55%)
  9. Cigarettes (53%)
  10. Car insurance (52%)

Source: Yahoo Finance

You might not be able to smell fall in the air just yet, but it’s coming. And while some folks dread the thought of the coming cooler weather, there’s a lot to be excited about with fall’s arrival. So save the hibernation for winter and take advantage of these fun fall outdoor activities the whole family will enjoy this season.

  • Hayride - A ride on a hay-filled wagon is fun for the kids and can be romantic for the grown-ups.
  • Outdoor movies - Some places don’t stop showing outdoor movies until November, so catch one under the stars with the family this fall.
  • Get lost in a corn maze - This exciting activity requires you to put your heads together to strategize and figure out the way out.
  • Head to an apple orchard for some picking - Get some healthy, local fruit and have some wholesome fun as a family.
  • Take a hike - Sure, you can do it all year, but head out in autumn in the mountains to see the amazing fall colors in nature. You can also hop on a bicycle to take in the beauty that way.
  • Camping - It might be chilly, but that’s part of the fun, right? There are fewer mosquitoes in the fall, plus, s’mores and campfires are more fun when it’s cooler.
  • Bird watching - Catch the flocks flying south for warm weather this season.
  • Have a fall-themed picnic - Grab some seasonal snacks, some apple cider or hot chocolate and head to a scenic spot to enjoy your goodies in the crisp fall weather.
  • Stargazing - Put your jacket on and get outside after dark to enjoy the autumn sky, it’s the only time you can see certain constellations.
  • Take a harvest tour - Most wineries and vineyards open to the public for special tours during harvest time. The kiddos will like eating fresh grapes and seeing how they get mashed to make wine. The adults will enjoy tasting the finished product.

Source: The Stir

Fashion trends come and go and what’s out of style usually comes back around again, if you wait long enough. That’s the case with some of the popular accessories today, which you may remember from back in the 90s. The looks are the same, with some modernized touches and you won’t seem out of touch wearing these old school accessories today.

  • Flannel - This durable material never really went out of style, but it did hit its peak with young people back in the 90s. But now you can proudly wear your battered flannel once again, or tie it around your waist, whatever works for you.
  • Skechers Sneakers - Don’t roll your eyes, these kick were on the runways at New York Fashion Week, so they’re trendy once again. Wear the chunky, athletic, dad-tastic shoes with skinnies or a little black dress, anywhere and everywhere but to the gym.
  • Scrunchies - Like it or not, scrunchies are back. These hair ties may be basic, but they’re in again.
  • Flared Jeans - If you’ve saved your old denim, you’re in luck, because somewhere in your stockpile, you’ve held onto a pair of flared jeans and they’re cool to wear again, apparently. They were first big in the 70s and then had a comeback in the 90s and 00s, and you’ll be seeing more of them again soon.
  • Toe Rings - The single toe ring look used to be cool but these days the stacked jewelry trend with necklaces, bracelets and rings has moved to toe rings.
  • Claw Clips - You’ve probably still got one in a bathroom drawer to hold your hair back while you wash your face, but those utilitarian claw clips are back in style, so wear ‘em with pride.
  • Slides - Sport your Adidas or Puma slides with or without socks and wear them anywhere your feet take you, including brunch.

Source: Bustle

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