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Previous studies have suggested that being in love can make you fat, and a new survey reveals just how many people have put on the pounds since getting into a relationship.

A poll conducted on behalf of Jenny Craig finds that 79% of people are carrying around what they call “love weight,” with those polled saying they gained 36 pounds since getting together with their significant other, 17 pounds within the first year of that relationship. Interestingly, men are more likely to say they’ve gained weight during their first year in a relationship than women (69% vs 45%).

So, what is causing people to put on the “love weight?” Well, the biggest reason seems to be an increase in eating out at the start of a new relationship (42%), followed by adopting a less active lifestyle (34%). Other reasons folks put on “love weight” include:

  • Staying in, ordering take-out/cooking at home while drinking together (30%)
  • Stopped exercising as much to spend more time together (30%)
  • We love to try new food and restaurants together (29%)
  • Started a family (27%)
  • Less motivation to maintain physique (21%)
  • Started demanding jobs (9%)
  • Splitting Uber/taxi instead of walking somewhere (8%) 
  • Meanwhile, if that relationship turns into marriage, folks can expect to gain even more weight. The poll finds the most weight is gained five years into a marriage, with starting a family the biggest reason married people put on the pounds.

Source: SWNS Digital

These days most people don’t even think of booking a vacation without first checking TripAdvisor to make sure the hotel or even destination is worth their time and money. Well, it turns out folks may not want to rely on all those reviews, because they may not be all that honest.

According to the website Fakespot, whose mission is to weed out fake reviews on travel sites, up to a third of reviews posted on TripAdvisor are phonies. What’s more, they claim highly rated bed and breakfasts actually have twice as many “fake” reviews as locations with less favorable reviews.

So, where are these fake reviews coming from? Well, the claim is that hotels are paying third parties to add glowing reviews to TripAdvisor to bump up their ratings. "I would advise TripAdvisor users to approach every review with skepticism,” Fakespot founder Saoud Khalifa says.

  • Not surprisingly, TripAdvisor is vehemently denying the claims. “We totally reject the inaccurate and misleading findings [of Fakespot]," a rep for the site shares. "The usefulness and accuracy of the content on TripAdvisor is what has made our site popular to hundreds of millions of consumers. It’s why we fight fake reviews so aggressively.” The rep adds that Fakespot’s claims are based on “entirely flawed techniques," especially since "they have no access to the technical data you would need to determine whether or not a review is fake."

Source: The Mail

Now that Fall is officially here, it’s time to start getting excited for Halloween. And while some folks love the spooky and scary side of the holiday, let’s face it, most of us are just looking forward to the candy. 

While everyone has their own idea of the perfect Halloween candy, Thrillist has come out with their picks for the 25 Best Halloween Candies Ever, and we bet it will spark some huge debate amongst candy lovers.

Topping the list is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which the site notes is not just “the greatest candy out there,” but also “the greatest snacks, period.” Meanwhile coming in second is Twix, followed by the classic Snickers bar. 

Top Ten Best Halloween Candies Ever (click here for the complete Top 25)

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Twix
  3. Snickers
  4. KitKat
  5. Butterfinger
  6. Crunch
  7. Mr. Goodbar
  8. Reese’s Pieces
  9. Hershey’s
  10. Flavored Tootsie Rolls

Source: Thrillist

Sorry sleepyheads, but research has shown that people who work out early in the morning are more likely to make exercise a habit. And we know this is true because when we’re tired at the end of the day, it’s way easier to pick Netflix over a jog. But getting up early is hard, so if you need some help, these hacks may get you out the door early enough to workout and still make it to work by nine.

  • Get a workout buddy - Make a pact with someone who shares your goals and will hold you accountable and make you stick to getting up early for a sweat sesh.
  • Set two alarms - Do what it takes if you’re truly not a morning person.
  • Get ready the night before - Lay out your workout clothes, fill up your water bottle, get everything set for coffee, and stick your shoes and socks next to the bed the night before so you’ve got that much less to overcome when you wake up still groggy.
  • Sign up for a non-refundable class - If you hate wasting money, signing up for a 7am class will force you out of bed.
  • Reward your wins - Treat yourself when you’ve met your wake-up-and-work-out goals.
  • Get a wake-up light - Amazon sells a wake-up light alarm clockthat simulates sunlight to get you going in the early hours.
  • Pop some peppermint - This essential oil is a stimulant and the scent can help your body and brain start to wake up.
  • Make it fun - Make a playlist or pick out a podcast so you’re looking forward to it for your pre-work workout.

Source: Bustle

Mark your calendars, folks, this Saturday, September 29th, is National Coffee Day. And since coffee and doughnuts make the perfect pair, Krispy Kreme is cooking up a sweet deal for the food holiday. Starting today (Monday, September 24th), the doughnut chain will “brew donut and glaze coffee,” according to a statement.

So what does that mean for us? Krispy Kreme is coming out with a new doughnut that’s topped with coffee-flavored glaze and a new brew called the Original Glaze coffee, which they say is like a “donut in a cup.” The coffee donuts are only sticking around for a week, but the Original Glazed Coffee gets a place on their permanent menu.

And the best part? You can come in for a free cup of coffee, any size, on National Coffee Day (this Saturday). And Krispy Kreme rewards members get an even sweeter deal because they’ll also get a free doughnut with their coffee on that day. You can get in on the fun by signing up here.

Source: Delish

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